Come Fly With Me, Lets Fly, Lets Fly Away…

Time to rock the world, my fellow students!

I remember the first time I heard about studying abroad. I googled all the awesome summer courses for U of T students, and hooked myself onto studying Criminology in England. Every year, Woodsworth or the Summer Abroad program send me lots of wonderful information about studying around the world. Unfortunately, for me, summers are spent working, but for those of you who have a little extra cash, let me share some ways you can close your eyes, throw a dart at a map and choose whichever country you want to study in.*

The International Student Exchange Office: whether you are an undergraduate or a graduate, you can participate on an international exchange offered by the International Student Exchange Office. U of T has formal exchange agreements in over 100 institutions in almost 40 different countries! Bursaries are available for those in financial need, and applications are generally due the winter prior to the academic year you want to spend abroad.

U of T Summer Abroad Program: For those of you who are looking for a summer getaway of learning and fun, take advantage of the Arts and Science Summer Abroad Program. Students take specially designed undergraduate courses that last four to six weeks. The courses are generally taught in English, and even by U of T professors. If you are in good academic standing, then consider applying (deadline is early March!). Financial Aid is available for certain programs.

Work and Study Abroad Resource Centre: Looking for more than just studying? No problem! Check out this awesome resource centre for information and guidance in working, studying or even volunteering overseas. There are books, magazines, staff and even videos, that can provide you with information and direction. Also look out for the Work and Study Abroad Fair for 2009 (it took place last year in October) which will help you connect to great opportunities.

Safety Abroad Office: There is always a concern about safety when travelling – especially if it’s likely you might be alone. The Safety Abroad Office produces the Go Global Guide (check out the website) which provides travel advice, pre-departure orientation workshops, women-only and LGBTQ and self-defence for students studying abroad.

Each website provides you with fantastic information – you can study in places like Finland, Germany, China, Japan, Kenya, Australia, France, Italy, Mexico, etc and not have to worry about language or standard of the course, because in some cases (summer courses) the course will be taught by a U of T prof!

The experience is amazing. As the Study Abroad Centre website details “An international education is something that will provide you with such an enriching and rewarding experience that it will last with you for the rest of your life – you will learn new things, experience new cultures and it will open up your mind to the wide world in which we live in.”

Check it out, and consider study/working/volunteering/traveling abroad. It could be a phenomenal experience!

Till Next Week!




* Disclaimer: While the UofT program has a lot of variety, not every country is actually available to study in.