Arts Week, Next Week: uft haz artz o i didnt no

Have you been to 1 Spadina Crescent? I went once last year. On a random day. It looks ghostly from the outside, and I felt like an intruder (as it was particularly empty at the time). In first-year, part of me still wanted to switch my undecided minor to Visual Arts. Yeah, like anything's changed, bwah ha digression ends. 1 Spadina Crescent is U of T's mysterious fine/visual art stronghold. I sometimes forget we have one. There is also the inclination to believe U of T's interpretation of art to be that of the pretentious, stuffy, expensive and redundant kind. NOT SO! I hope, anyway. But, guess what! Next Thursday begins U of T's 2009 "Celebration of the Arts" Week/Event/Thingamajiggy! And, guess what again! Because it begins next Thursday, I have nothing to report! For once, I can tell you of an event... (gasp)... before it actually occurs! There promises to be the unveiling of U of T's "best kept secret," that being... oh. That being U of T's entire artsy prestige. Guests get to go through and observe the studios of the creators/professors on what looks like a 'speed dating' basis. There will be a brass instrument involved. It will be more lively than this paragraph. It's FREE. Most of the events are. The most expensive were... $25 (for non-student adults); one being a music performance called "Earth, Wind and Fire." - Oh, excuse me. "Earth, WATER, Wind and Fire." - With fifteen minutes* left to end this vagueness, here's everything that looks like it will be cool, from the posted event schedule. This is, of course, not a complete transcription. That would be redundant and mad. Or moreso. - Funkaesthetics: 19th - 23rd, Hart House Visual Art, Music, Film! And FREE! Happily Queer After: All Week! And beyond, it seems, at Hart House INTERACTIVE visual art! FREE! Traveling Music: Mulatu Astatke & The Genesis of Ethio-Jazz: 19th In a Walter Hall of some sort, in an Edward Johnson Building of some kind... oh wait, it's a lecture. On music! And it's still FREE! Earth, Water, Wind and Fire: 20th, Walter and Edward again 5 bucks for students! Open Dance Class: 20th, 27th: At a complicated location you are better off checking the schedule for. "Folk dance with Balkan emphasis!" FREE the first time, then 6 bucks. You are better off checking the schedule for everything. Ooh! The Shape of a Girl, and The Abridged Adventures of Ali and Ali in the aXes of Evil: 20th - 22nd That sounds pretty bada- I mean... pretty... mal-derrière... Produced by those in DRM402. EERF! (GIANT GASP) Unearthed! Victoria 'University' Environmental FASHION SHOW! EEE!: 20th Only two bucks! Hart House Film Boar Screenings, and John Porter's Super 8 in The Chapel: 21st - 23rd Is that an appropriate place for a Super 8?! eerf. Yes. A film boar.** Spring Wake Up! 21st Fun stuffs for the childrens in the Hart House Great Hall! Student Composers Concert: 22nd, 23rd Influency: A Toronto Poetry Salon. 25th I have always wanted to hold a salon... (suddenly realizes she has a theme for her birthday party next week.) U of T Dance Festival! 27th, 28th 10 bucks for students! UCDP Playwriting Student Showcase by DRM328: 3rd (of April) UTSC is holding a Buddhist Film Series, and UTM has a crazy dance party thing. Curses! -

Why can't you behave?!

- And there ends my list of everything I found intriguing. The list of events is much, much, much, longer. Please, go. Maybe I'll see you there. You won't see me, of course. Ha ha. - - - * I lied. I finished it at home. ** He's not a boar.

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  1. Wow!!! A ton of things to check out!! Who knew? Thanks for the post..By the way, definitely check out Festival of Dance since im gonna be performing a Irish Dance. :0