The Innovation Hub

Domains of Innovation

Domains of InnovationCircular illustration of the Innovation Hub's Domains of Innovation.

Five domains underlie our projects. No matter what issue we’re working on, at least one of these areas drives student flourishing.

  • Access for Every Student
  • Fostering Connectedness
  • Future-Ready Students
  • Integrated Learning Experience
  • Whole Student Development

We co-created these domains with students, staff, and faculty, and we’re working towards a university where the following domain goals come true for every student:

Three icons of individuals connected by a circle, with a key in the middle. Access for Every Student

All students have equitable access to programs, services, resources, and spaces.

Domain Goals
Create accessible digital and physical spaces, remove financial barriers, support under-represented and diverse groups, streamline institutional navigation, encourage participation and engagement, and improve financial literacy.

Circle put together by puzzle pieces, with two hands helping build it. Fostering Connectedness

Students experience a sense of belonging and connection within the UofT community.

Domain Goals
 Nurture international engagement and intercultural understanding, cultivate relationships, increase peer connections, build and connect communities, and bring different groups together. 

Icon of individual wearing a graduation cap, with a timer in the background.

Future-Ready Students

Students have opportunities to develop their skills and build their confidence beyond academics.

Domain Goals
 Prepare students for a changing world, provide more work-integrated learning, expand mentorship opportunities, develop leaders, help students explore and develop their careers, and foster lifelong learning. 

Icon of book with connecting circles reaching outwards.

Integrated Learning Experience

Students engage fully in learning experiences both within and outside of the classroom.

Domain Goals
 Foster academic and co-curricular connections, facilitate experiential and immersive learning, encourage in-class engagement, equip faculty with information to support students, encourage self-directed learning, and improve online learning options. 

Hand holding bubbles with a heart, light bulb and book in them.

Whole Student Development

Students receive the support they need for their holistic well-being (physical, psychological, social, and emotional).

Domain Goals
 Cultivate mental, physical & spiritual health; build self-efficacy and self-motivation; foster resilience and self-care; and help students develop senses of identity, meaning, and purpose.