Maintaining Social Connections During COVID-19

Authored by University of Guelph student Megan Coghill

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Covid-19 has impacted many aspects of daily living, especially how we interact with family and friends. With the added stress the pandemic can bring it is especially important to maintain a strong social network. “Social distancing” is in some ways a misnomer. There are many ways to connect with others while maintaining appropriate physical distance. Now more than ever, there are multiple ways to socialize virtually as services are constantly adapting in response to Covid-19. Below is a list of options to maintain social connections with others for both you and your family, online and in-person. 

Maintain Physical Distancing, But Enjoy A Healthy, Balanced Life

Written by Shamim Ahmed The last pandemic we faced took place almost a century ago. COVID-19, a deadly disease caused by coronavirus, has emerged as a catastrophe and completely shifted our world in every way possible. It has infected millions of people and…

Enriching Outdoor Activities for Children While Social Distancing

Authored by University of Guelph student Megan Coghill Social distancing rules and the closure of many public parks and recreation areas has caused many of us to spend more time indoors than we would like. Especially with the warm weather and sunshine, it is important…

Professor Angela Pyle: 10 ways to teach kids through play at home

young boy playing
By Angela Pyle and Perry King
Originally published on the University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education blog.

Angela Pyle is an assistant professor in OISE’s department of applied psychology and human development. Her research focuses on child development and the role of play in children’s learning. She currently runs the Play Learning Lab at the Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study.

Sitting down with OISE News, Pyle lays out a list of great ways to engage children’s learning through play – a less stressful and productive way to support children’s learning.

Parents and kids: Get to know the CBC websites

Mother homeschools daughters online
Source: Metroparent

By Emily Pritchard
Originally published on the University of Toronto’s Family Care Office Blog, Intersections.

Frequently featured in our blogs and social media posts, the CBC Parents website is an excellent resource for all things parenting. There are seven different sections to this website, which we will explore below.