Celebrating Black History Month: Events, Resources, and More!

First celebrated as a week in 1926 by African-American Professor Carter G. Woodson (known as Father of Black History), Black History Month is celebrated annually in the U.S. and Canada from February 1st – March 1st. It grew from a week to become a month-long celebration of the legacy and accomplishments of Black people and communities. In honor of this month, we’ve highlighted some events to look out for, content creators to connect with, and resources that have enriched our learning experiences personally and professionally.

This list is by no means exhaustive, and many Black History Month events are taking place on the ground and virtually throughout February, so we encourage you engage in learning about the history of Black communities wherever you live and celebrating their resilience and contribution to all aspects of life. We also encourage our community members to engage in these important resources, events, and more beyond February.

If you know of any additional events and resources impactful to you – feel free to comment below or post them on our facebook group!


These events are a few of many examples in some of our community members’ areas of Ontario, Canada! We recognize there are lots of other events going on – so take a look in your community or University this Black History Month!

Durham Black History Month

Taking place on Feb 5 and 6, Durham Black History Month offers free, virtual events for anyone within and beyond Durham region. Their events are split into two days where Day 1 focuses on celebrating the past 15 years and our present and Day 2‘s theme is “Knowledge is power” with a focus on education. Register here

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Toronto Black Film Festival

Starting February 17, Toronto Black Film Festival goes beyond just showing a wide selection of black-centered films online. It also offers a Kids Program and host discussions and workshops that tackle challenge sin acting, filmmaking, imposter syndrome faced by artists and more concerning what transpires behind the scenes for Black artists. Both programs are to be held on Facebook.  Learn more here.

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Podcast Episodes  

COMMONS – Our Mis(education): the Erasure of Blackness in Canadian Schools 

COMMONS host chats with writer Robyn Maynard about what she calls our (mis)education: Canada’s amnesia to its own history of slavery and segregation, and about the ways in which Canadian classrooms are still rife with anti-black racism. 

COMMONS – Real Estate #2 – The Last Man in Africville 

“Africville was one of Canada’s oldest Black settlements, a proud community of more than 400 people. And then the City of Halifax decided to utterly obliterate it. There was one man who simply refused to leave. Eddie Carvery may not have been the best man for the job. But for half a century, he has never stopped fighting for his home.” 

Bloggers and Content Creators 

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Natasha Nelson, otherwise known as Supernova Momma, is a Certified Positive Discipline Educator (CPDE)and a mother to two autistic Black girls. I came across her on Twitter while research content for Redefining Traditional. She gives Positive Discipline workshops focused on Black and Neurodiverse parents specifically changing their mindset, managing stress and pent-up frustration, extending grace, and working through trauma and triggers to transform their homes. 

You can access her content on her website and twitter account.  

Age-Appropriate Activities for Children  

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