Prepping for back-to-school (online edition)

Back to school this year is going to look really different. All my courses are going to be online, but there are still many ways to prepare for back-to-school!  

Invest in some headphones!

I find that headphones with noise cancellation are really helpful and help me focus. This is especially important if you live with others because it’s really easy to get distracted when attending online lectures.

I also like to make sure there is a microphone component to the headphones so that if I need to ask a question or participate in class, the professor can hear me clearly without hearing the background noise of my house.

My go-to headphones at the moment!

Take breaks when needed:

Online school can be tiring—it’s mentally and physically exhausting. This makes it really important for me to take breaks whenever possible. When I have free time between lectures, I avoid going on the internet—especially after a long lecture because my eyes need time to rest!

I try to sit near a large window so that I can glance out occasionally to look at some green scenery instead of staring into my computer screen all day! Whenever possible, I attend my online lectures outside in the backyard to avoid being cooped up in the house all day. It’s super refreshing and energizing! 🙂

Know your ACORN schedule

There are many things to be mindful of this year with classes being online or virtual and synchronous or asynchronous. Since the chaos of course selection is over, it’s important to review my schedule and know what mode of delivery my class is! Since all my classes are online, I just need to be concerned with the mode of delivery. But if you have a hybrid of many different classes, I definitely recommend colour coding courses to stay organized!

Whether you are attending online or in-person classes this school term, I hope everyone has a fantastic school year! 🙂

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