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Decompressing From Technology While in University

One thing I’ve noticed about university is that it can be very technology heavy! I do all of my notes, readings, and assignments on my laptop, so I’m pretty much always in front of a screen. Even though I love the convenience of my computer, it can also have a lot of negative effects on me—I tend to have trouble sleeping, feel more anxious, and develop headaches when continuously on my computer and phone.  Because of this, I’ve been taking a few simple steps to help me decompress from technology during the school year, which have been really helpful. 1. Take a break from your notifications   During the day, the amount of notifications I get on my phone and computer can feel overwhelming, and make it hard to relax or focus on my work. So, I found that putting my phone on airplane mode for periods during the day allows me to fully focus on work. Even though this isn’t a total step away from technology, it helps ease the anxiety that comes from having multiple notifications and distractions piling up. 
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Airplane mode activated!
2. Plan assignments on paper I find that pulling out paper and planning ideas for essays and projects is another great way to decompress from technology and flesh out complicated ideas. Not only does it get me away from the computer, but working through ideas by-hand allows me to think clearly and concisely about complicated ideas. Working on different mediums helps shake up the ways you're thinking, and can get you away from technology for a bit. A picture of notes for a class 3. Do things completely free of technology I also like to make sure I’m spending at least an hour a day doing something that doesn’t involve looking at a screen, as this helps me not develop headaches and explore fun and enriching things in my life. I’ve recently gotten super into exercising, which is a great way to get away from screens completely. I also cook fun meals, chat with friends, or take neighbourhood walks when trying to get away from technology. A picture of a purple sky 4. Put away your computer after you’re done working  Once my work is done for the day, it’s really important for me to put away my computer and do something else. Even though it’s tempting to immediately switch to watching Netflix at the end of the day, I find that stepping away from my computer entirely helps me sleep better and relax more, which then makes me feel more rested and ready for the next day. So, after my work is done, I’ll hang out with my roommates or my cat, read a book, or take a shower to relax instead of spending more time on my computer. 
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Time for cat cuddles!
I hope these tips were helpful if you're also feeling the negative effects of technology! Do you have any tips? Let me know in the comments below! 

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