Six Strategies for a Splendid Snow Day

As it seems to be the trend this semester, snow days are upon us. While the weather has not been completely in our favour, that doesn’t mean we need to be grey as well! Although I’m not currently in Toronto, I comprised a list of activities I did last semester and others already I’ve been wanting to try with friends. Here’s a few ideas for how to spend these chilly winter days.
  1. Actually play in the snow.
While this might seem quite straight forward—when’s the last time you built a snowman? Or played “who’s the king of the mountain?” Grab a snowsuit and let off some midterm steam. 2. Make yourself an at home spa day Ingredients: Tea, a solid playlist, snacks, friends who give good massages. My roommates and I would do mini spa sessions throughout last semester, just by watching a movie and unwinding together- so easy & comfy! 3. Call an old friend - if the phone lines aren’t down – is that even a thing anymore? Do students have home phones? Either way reconnecting with someone back home is a great use of free time. Whenever I’m walking a long distance in the city I’ll do this, but if it’s too snowy to fuss with your phone, why not relax with a cup of tea and call a friend. 4. Play board games Or better yet, plan a board game party. Your roommates maybe be the only attendees if you’re snowed in but that’s fine, use this day to celebrate a blast-from-the past. Some of our personal favourites are monopoly, cards against humanity and plain ol’ card games like President and Cheat. 5. Have a BAKE OFF  Channel your inner Gordon Ramsay and grab your best spatula and best mates. Things might get steamy depending on this dish of choice, but you can always walk outside to cool down! 6. Study I know this is fairly obvious and you didn’t need a blog post to tell you to sit down and crack open a textbook, but these shut-in days are ideal for solving your deepest philosophical queries or acing that economics quiz. I always find I’m more productive when I’m (unfortunately) cooped up inside the library or my living room- who needs to be outside when you have Robarts sun lamps anyways? Make snow days great again! Let me know if you have any tips in the comments and happy chilling (pun intended). À la prochaine –R

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