My work-study period: Q and A, GPA, experience, and success

This week I took questions about Work Study positions on Instagram. Although they are answered there, this post will go more in depth to address those inquiries. Q: Do you need to have a high GPA? A: Not necessarily. While a higher GPA might help you, there are positions that do not ask for GPA or transcripts. Having the some experience is helpful for any application and many positions emphasize skills over GPA. GPA is important, but I do not think that it eliminates your chances of getting any position if it is ‘low’. When applying, I focused on positions that interested me and matched my skill sets and paid no mind to GPA. Q: Am I less likely to get a position if I don’t have experience in Work Study positions? A: While having Work Study experience may help you when applying, there are positions that do not require it. In my experience, getting hired for a position depends on how compatible I was for said positions. The things that mattered most during the application process for me were my skill set, ability to adapt and learn new skills, and my interest in the position. My Work Study was my first non-retail, ‘professional’ job, and I learned most of what I needed to know during my employment. There are positions that prefer students in upper years, or students with more experience, but this does not have to be Work Study specific experience. Q: What is the secret to securing a position? A: Here was my process when applying;
  1. Comb through the listings. I read almost all of them, and saved the ones that were interesting to me, or that I was qualified for.
  2. Make a list of positions to apply for. My list consisted of about 10 positions. Admittedly, I did not meet 100% of the qualifications for each position, but I figured the things I did not know could easily be learned (and I was right).
  3. Make a master resume, tailored towards the Work Study. Sometimes I made position-specific resumes.
  4. Write cover letters specifically tailored to each posting. Because I applied to an array of jobs in a variety of offices and colleges across campus, each needed an impactful cover letter that established my interest and qualification specifically for that position.
  5. Send the completed application in, completed and double checked, and well ahead of the deadline.
For information on career exploration, resumes, and interviews, click me! Q: When are positions posted? Am I eligible to apply? What if I drop a course during the semester? How long do these positions run for? Where are the positions posted? A: Click me for more information on the Work Study program. Positions are posted starting August 8!

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