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How Writing for Accessibility Services has Helped me Learn and Stay Motivated

I have always been passionate about writing and sharing my personal experiences. Despite choosing a STEM undergraduate degree, I love maintaining writing as part of my daily life. While looking for work during the school year, I found the opportunity…

All About the Work Study Program

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I wish my work space looked like this. Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

As a work-study Career Centre blogger, I think it’s about time I blog about U of T’s Work Study program.

U of T’s Work Study is available to U of T students registered in at least 2.0 courses from September to April of the school year. You cannot work more than 12 hours per week, and are paid at least minimum wage per hour. Usually, these jobs are relevant to your studies, interests, or anticipated careers.

Intrigued? Read on to hear how I found my work study position, how I make time for work with a full course load, and the lessons I learned from my current blogging job.