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Saying Goodbye

Until about a year ago, I thought I was cursed for interviews. I typically made it past the written stage of a job application but did not get anywhere beyond that unless I knew the interviewers beforehand. I believed there was something wrong with my personality, and that I must somehow rub people the wrong way. Even to the most basic customer service jobs at Second Cup or David's Tea, I could not seem to get hired unless I had a connection. And then, I got this job. The email advertising the blogging and social media position found its way to me by chance. I thought it was a perfect fit for my final year, and I had no backup plan for work in mind when I applied. Somehow, it all worked out. I got the chance to reflect every week on my time in university, keep up with my writing, and build practical skills in digital marketing management. It was the only work-study I ever did, but I can't imagine a better experience, particularly one to close off my undergrad.
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After 28 blog posts, this one is my last for Life at U of T. It is a week of goodbyes. Very shortly, I will be turning 22, graduating, and heading off into what feels like the void. For the first time in my life, I see no structure when I look ahead, and that has yet to stop feeling scary. However, looking back offers some comfort. For me, coming to U of T was not Plan A. I wanted to major in Cinema Studies and Semiotics, not English. Managing Caffiends was definitely not on my radar. I wasn't even at Victoria College in my first year. But despite all the uncertainty and change and late nights spent worrying, I'm really happy with the experience I ended up with. It wasn't perfect, but it was beautiful and rewarding enough to cherish.
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That makes me hopeful for the future. Four years ago, I couldn't have predicted any of the things I accomplished. One year ago, I still thought I'd never land a job with an interview. Things worked out, and I have to believe that they will continue to do so.
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Writing for Life at U of T this year has been an absolute dream. I will miss my weekly reflections dearly, but I hope they've helped me to build enough of a blogging habit to keep going on my own. Thank you always for reading.

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