A cartoon of a girl using a foam roller, with the words "This is how I roll" printed above.

Bittersweet January: getting back into courses and back into sport

Everybody hates January. After a well-deserved break from courses, assignments, readings, exams and –for some – the cold commute, we’re back to reality. Thankfully, while reality does include mountains of coursework, commuting in all kinds of weather and a general apathy that comes with the second semester… it also includes campus physical activity programming! I kid you not, if it weren’t for aerial silks and Jiu Jitsu, I don’t know how I’d put my toque and winter boots on every morning to trek to school. I’m hoping you all can also find something to be excited about and to make this semester a little more pleasant!
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7 more days!
I’m happy to announce that on top of circus and jitsu, I’ll be continuing my ice princess adventure this semester in the Skating Level 1 registered class at Varsity Centre! I’m currently looking for a pair of skates to call my own, but it’s great knowing that rentals are available if I don’t find the right fit in time. I had so much fun last semester I simply couldn’t stay away from this class! It’s timely, with it being the season for skating, and I have lots left to learn. I can’t wait to use some of my new skills at the upcoming jitsu skating social at Nathan Philipps Square. A friend I made last semester revealed she’d also be returning to the class and I’m hoping we registered for the same session, there are a fair number of time slots available so students can find a place for the class in their schedule.
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Just call me Elsa.
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I’m also excited to be trying something new! I’m going to be participating in the “Roll it Out” class offered at the Athletic Centre once a week. It’s a class dedicated to teaching myofascial release exercises employing foam rollers – I’m sorry, I probably made that sound so lame. Myofascia refers to the tissue that covers your muscles and myofascial release consists of techniques which relax muscles, improve circulation, alleviate pain and increase mobility. I figured, “What better class to add to my already long list then one aimed at recovery and rehabilitation?” I’m genuinely excited to learn, not only for my benefit, but for that of my friends and training partners. I think this will be a fantastic complement to my weekly routine!
A cartoon of a girl using a foam roller, with the words "This is how I roll" printed above.
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Registration for these and other classes is open online on the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education’s website. While you’re there you can also check out the drop-in programs offered this term for a free, flexible fitness alternative! I’m hoping I’ll be able to squeeze some of these into my schedule as well as there are a lot of classes I’ve yet to try. If you’re looking for a way to stay active and get involved on campus, the UTSU’s Clubs and Summer Experience Fair may be a good place to stop by this Tuesday, January 17. The fair, taking place in the dome at Varsity Centre from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., is a great opportunity to find summer employment and discover campus clubs! Last year, I enjoyed getting to know the University of Toronto Dance Club and the University of Toronto Ski and Snowboard Club. This year, I’ll be at the fair in a professional capacity but I’m looking forward to seeing lots of you there!

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