Fun in the Snow

Sometimes, you don’t need a reason to have a little fun. You are in for a treat this week! I was really happy with my completion of four midterms and an essay in my first month back from the holiday so I decided to make Snow Zachs once a day this week in random places across campus!
From my point of view while lying in the snow, looking at the main University College building
Monday: My first attempt, on Front Campus (Photo by Zachary Biech)
There’s so much snow! I love the frosty atmosphere. Where I’m from, big winter snows are a regular part of life (it’s also snowed in every single month of the year in southern Alberta, I’m not kidding) so it’s no wonder I am delighted by this weather.
My perspective, lying in the snow in Queen's Park, looking towards the university buildings through the trees with a low afternoon sun in the background
Tuesday: Snow Zach relaxing in Queen's Park! (Photo by Zachary Biech)
A perfect snow angel in deep snow in the middle of Queen's Park
Leaving my Mark on Queen's Park (Photo by Zachary Biech)
Many students disagree with my affection for the winter as many are accustomed to warmer climates. Many students had never seen snow before coming here and seemed a little confused when the big storms blanketed the city.
My feet, lying in the snow, looking at an odd statue in a park behind the residences of Saint Michael's College
Wednesday: Snow Zach sighted at St. Michael's College! (Photo by Zachary Biech)
Though I can understand the lack of appreciation for the snow, what worries me more is people’s lack of appreciation for fun during this time of year. January and February are always painted as the hardest, nastiest and busiest months during which people are the most miserable.
from my perspective while lying in the snow, looking at the obelisk frames in the grass plot in front of Hart House
Thursday: Good spot for a Snow Zach right in front of Hart House (Photo by Zachary Biech)
This un-fun mindset probably explains the strange experiences I had making the Snow Zachs. The first thing that confused me was the fact that nobody had many any yet. There was so much snow all over campus with so many good places for snow angels and yet nobody made any. What was the reason for this?
My perspective lying in the snow in the shade, next to Sidney Smith Hall looking towards the New College Buildings to the west lit by morning sunlight
Friday: There's always room for one last Snow Zach, even right next to Sidney Smith Hall! (Photo by Zachary Biech)
While I was making each Snow Zach, I think I discovered the reason. People are scared to have fun in public here. It’s no wonder; you should have seen some of the strange looks people gave me as they saw me lying in the snow! “Look at this hooligan!” they said with their eyes, “he should be in class, miserable like the rest of us!” It felt like I was offending people with my happiness. It’s never really been my style to follow those kinds of rules. People have been giving me strange looks for years because of every little thing I do or wear or say. Even when I smile, people are surprised because they are not used to being around positivity. It’s tragic. But I will not stop having fun and being myself just because uptight people don’t think I’m uptight enough! I was telling somebody about making the Snow Zachs and they looked a bit confused. “Why are you making those, what’s the reason or purpose?” My immediate response was, “sometimes, you don’t need a reason to have a little fun.”
My shaded snow angel next to Sidney Smith, looking towards Saint George Street
Friday was definitely the coldest day for making Snow Zachs, and my hands were almost too frozen to take pictures (Photo by Zachary Biech
Zach’s got your back! I know it can take a lot of courage to have fun when the hustle and bustle surrounds you, but I and people like me are all over this campus, waiting to share our courage and joy with you! First Nations House is a great place to surround yourself with this positive atmosphere and it provides the all the balancing effects of community and friendship. So be happy! Be yourself! The only permission you need is your own.
Looking down at the head of my Snow Zach, at a little smiley face I drew with my frozen finger
A little joy at U of T (Photo by Zachary Biech)

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