Monday: Funday

Monday. Statistically proven to be the most vile, evil, and dreadful word in the English language. If you are a normal human being, and not some sort of computer, you would know what I mean by that. We Homo sapiens are mortal and have a lot of weaknesses. On top of things like getting burned by fire – billions of years of evolution still has not saved us from the too-real-for-words "Monday Blues." I’m not going to sugarcoat it… I don’t like Mondays. If Monday was an ice cream flavor it would be vanilla. Actually, no, that’s too nice – Monday would be vanilla ice cream mixed with the mud you find in the Trinity College quad after it rains. It’s both bland, and ghastly at the same time.
Me on Mondays. via:
So how do I do it week after week? I don’t. I’m kind of just forced because as an undergraduate student, I unfortunately do not have the power to get rid of Mondays. There’s no power in this infinite universe that can make Mondays objectively appealing, but there a few things that you do can do to add some chocolate chips into that vanilla.
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First and foremost, organize your weekend: I’m extremely guilty of leaving all my work until the Sunday, and then deeply regretting that choice. No, I’m not saying that you should do all your work on Friday – I’m saying that you should spread your work out evenly throughout your break, and make Sunday your relaxation day. Nothing feels worse than having to crawl into Monday after having spent the entire day beforehand catching up. It basically turns Sunday into Monday, and Monday into Monday #2. The worst.
Monday #2. The reason why doves cry. via:
Then voilà!  You have Sunday to be happy! It is your day to do whatever you want. For me, this usually ends up with me baking inappropriate amounts of banana bread while watching old episodes of The Real Housewives of New Jersey (only the ones where they were really trashy) whenever I’m not napping. Basically, I turn into a hermit, and that’s okay! I need to recharge my social battery; it helps make my Monday a lot more tolerable, and [audible gasp] even enjoyable. You may be different though, and that’s okay as well, everybody has different ways of entertaining themselves, the point is you should try as much as possible to make Sunday about you. While it’s important to have fun, please don’t try and have too much fun. By that I mean, don’t be like me and think it’s a good idea to stay up until 4am trying to figure out the cheat codes to the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game, because it’s 4am and getting on the A-List is the most important thing in your life right now. It may seem that way, but it’s not. Having proper rest on a Sunday night is imperative to the sanity of your Monday mornings!
Dressing fab on Mondays will also make your day a bit more sensational. via:
Lastly, always remember that Monday is just another day. Don’t let it sour your day, stay optimistic, and your day will be positive.

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