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One of the big reasons that I chose to come to U of T over other Universities was the city of Toronto and all the things it has to offer. As a history student I love all the Museums in the city, most of which are all super close to campus. Being a student however, means living on a limited amount of cash and fun things are notorious for being mean to your wallet. The museums get this though and many museums and galleries offer free student days. All you need is your TCard and you can spend hours hanging out with the busts of your favourite people from Ancient Rome, pretending to live in the Victorian dining room, or getting really freaked out in the bat cave. The Royal Ontario Museum: Free every Tuesday for U of T students with a TCard. My favourite galleries are the Ancient Greece and Rome and the Style through the years ones (8-year-old me really loved digging for "dinosaur bones" but the children look at 20-year-old me strangely when I try to do it now).
Some people really hate the new facade of the ROM emerging from the old building, but I think it looks really really awesome.
Middle: somehow I had never been in the Canada gallery (I'm ashamed at myself too) but I actually really loved it. I also want that red couch.
Snaps from my fav places around the ROM: the Egypt Gallery, Ancient Greece and Rome Gallery, Totem Pole, Canada Gallery.
The Gardiner Museum: free for U of T students every Tuesday. This is right across from the ROM on Avenue Road and has Ceramics, Clay, and Glass (I love the contemporary Canadian Gallery, there is an amazing suitcase in there). It's so close to campus you can actually see a Vic Building (Annesley Hall) in these pictures. They also have clay classes here that you can sign up for if a visit gets you super inspired to create. DSCF3809DSCF3815 The Bata Shoe Museum: Every Thursday evening between 5 and 8 pm, admission is Pay-what-you-can, with a suggested donation of $5. If the name didn't clue you in this museum is all about shoes which means it's got a lot of information that you won't really find elsewhere. I went on a class trip here (oh yeah, some University classes have field trips  and they're way better than in High School) and we got to see a presentation and a lot of shoes from history up close - it was super cool.  DSCF3828DSCF3832 The Art Gallery of Ontariofree every Wednesday from 6-8:30pm. On Dundas and McCaul this is a bit further from campus but is well worth the walk because ART! (although I need someone to explain Modern Art to me... Why is a pile of rocks and cheetos on the floor art??).  DSCF3818
same, dude
  What's your favourite Museum/Gallery in Toronto? Leave it in the comments below! 

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