In which I do what I say…

We’re in the beginning stages of exams, and UofT has been zombified. Everyone seems to be walking around in various ‘walking dead’ personas. Last week I talked about taking time off to really enjoy how far you’ve come,  so this week I will do exactly that. As an English student, exam season is really essay season for me, as I write papers that usually determine up to 40% of my overall grade, all in the last two-three weeks of school.


i can never see my actual desk this time of the year.

Recently, as I was busy pumping out papers, I remembered two papers I wrote in first year: The first one, my first ever history research paper, received a dismal 60ish%. I admit, I had no idea what I was doing. I also hated writing the paper. The second one, my first ever, close-reading paper, received a whopping 90ish%. I had thoroughly enjoyed writing the paper, and on it, my T.A. told me that if I continued writing papers this way, I’d do really well. The catch is that both these papers are from the same class. The expectations hadn’t changed, only, my selection of topic and approach to writing had. Fast-forward to fifth year, and I’ve become extremely self-aware of what kind of essay topics I’ll respond to better. Regardless of the subject, I’ve developed a way to write essays that play to my strengths, and also tackle the content required of me. There are always expectations asked of us this time of the year, but there are many ways to go about meeting them. Whether you study till you look like an extra from the Walking Dead, or cram under pressure the night before the final, figure out what works for you. If you study better sprawled on the floor in a mess, do it. If you need multiple breaks, take them. If you focus better alone, get a study cubicle. If you work better with friends, book a study space at Gerstein. In Chinese, we say 加油 as a form of encouragement. This literally means “add oil”. Add oil everyone.  : ) Just a little further, and it will all be merry again.

IMG_9212uh guys...we ran out of oil again.


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