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It’s August 21st today, which means that in a few weeks, I’ll be sitting in class again, shifting gears from summer to September, from full-time work to full-time school. Where did my summer go?? Ah, change. The thing that both scares and exhilarates me at the same time. Over the years people, places, and events in my life have helped me cobble together random pieces of advice that help me navigate change and transition in my day-to-day. I picture this concoction as a patchy pouch of sorts, filled with ideas and tips in the shape of colourful scarves that I draw out when I need to. I thought I’d share some of these with you, U of T. It’s a bit of a hectic world out there, so here are a few things that have allowed me to get back on track and keep my balance. Getting to know people - all kinds of people. We live in a city with folks who boast origins from all over the world. And who are doing so many cool things every day. This is truly a gem. When I got back from living abroad in Spain, I realized what a treasure it is to be able to immerse myself in these different strokes. Other cities hunger for the sheer openness that we can create here. So, after getting used toToronto again, I decided that I would just go ahead and strike up conversations with people who I felt were open to saying hello back. It worked! And whole worlds opened up. In a good way. Paying close attention to the things that draw me in– or what I gravitate to naturally, as I go about work and life. I find that I have a lot of different interests - I’m sure you do too. A while back, I read a quote by Rumi that goes something like this: “Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” It's one of my favourites.
Where to?
          Listening to that inner GPS. Ah, the hard part. Sometimes the cacophony of this world is overwhelming. Things to do, jobs to work, people to see, assignments to submit, and other people’s dreams and wishes which sound so great that I want to live them too.
When I feel as though my head is full of signposts which all seem to lead to great places, I try to sit rather silently and listen to what I really feel is the best for me. It’s not always what I want to hear, either - but hey, your inner GPS is pretty accurate. Most of the time :).
Precious Wisdom from The Gos. Source:
                  So there you have it, a few things that keep me going. And of course, the regular - enough food, sleep, and meaningful work to keep life rolling. T-18 days till school, U of T. Be yourself, heed your inner GPS, and make your year wonderful! -Aziza

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