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As a commuter student, I’ve become accustomed to packing food (sometimes two meals worth!) and lugging it with me for a full day on campus. I’m the girl who always sits next to the aisle so I can accommodate my bulging backpack AND my handy shoulder bag that carries all my food for the day. But sometimes I run out the door without any sort of substantial meal in tow and I end up having to buy food somewhere to keep me going. Well, last week saw one of those days, and off I went in search of some yummy healthy food that wouldn’t break the bank. And that led me to… Harvest Noon! What is Harvest Noon? Well, in a nutshell: AWESOME! But to be a little more informative, it’s a fairly new café/co-op* located on the 2ndfloor of the Graduate Student Union Building. It’s all about serving up local, sustainable, wholesome food that is both delicious and affordable. And to top that off, it’s fast! Despite the steady flow of people in and out, my plate was ready to go before I even finished at the cash. It looked and smelled so good that I almost forgot to take a picture before I dug in:
I had the “Bumper Crop” – Butternut squash and pear soup with a side salad, flatbread and bean dip (hidden under my bread). So yum!
The café is open Monday to Friday and lunch is served starting at 11:30AM until they run out. It’s a great place to stop for a quick snack or (fair-trade) beverage, and you can even purchase a fresh loaf/half loaf of bread on Tuesdays! They’ve got vegetarian and vegan fare, with gluten-free options often available. Here’s a snapshot of last week’s menu along with their menu philosophy, which I think is really cool: If you want in on more deliciousness, Harvest Noon welcomes volunteers of all experience levels. In fact, a little while ago, I read on their website that they were looking for volunteer bread bakers.  I eagerly went out this week to help them do just that! The small bread-making group gets together every week to bake fresh bread in-house and prepare a big container of hummus in the cozy little kitchen.  Both were super tasty, and I plan to continue volunteering there throughout the year. Exercising is great, but before you can get moving your body is going to need some energy! If you haven’t already discovered Harvest Noon, I encourage you to check it out next time you need some good food to fuel you through the day. I also hear they plan to host a bread-making workshop and pot-luck dinner next month… so keep checking back, or find them on Facebook to get their latest news! -Lesia *Membership to the co-op is not necessary to eat at Harvest Noon, but non-members will be charged an extra 10% on all purchases. Becoming a member is as easy as donating $5 or signing up to volunteer for at least 2 shifts.

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