Turkey Time!!!

I’m gonna try and make this brief because if I know one thing, it’s that we’re rounding the corner on Thanksgiving! The sooner that today, and our readings, are over, the more relaxation and festivities we can enjoy. Hopefully you’re in a playful mood this weekend because I have a game for those competitive folk out there! Also, here’s a light video to bring you into the festive spirit - if you’re not there already! httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlitbJKaYy0 Laura’s Big Turkey Competition (aka her plans for the holidays) To be played with your friends to see who wins the title of  “Biggest Turkey/ Thanksgiving Winner!!!” Laura’s Rules – for the game and for life Don’t cheat, steal or lie. Points are allotted for each situation completed - bonus points depend on the situation. Situations 1.    Get outside for a half-hour minimum. Doesn’t matter if you’re staying in the city, or heading home, get some fresh air! If running is your thing, and you’re staying in the city, the forecast is perfect for hitting up Varsity Centre track or trying a running route around campus! o    1 point for getting outside for 30 continuous minutes o    1 point for each additional person you bring with you! o    2 points for going for a jog 2.    Sleep 7 hours – in a row! I’ve been watching my readings stack up and since I’m a bit behind I’ve been sacrificing my bedtime, not this holiday though! o    2 points for every extra hour you sleep. Ex. If you sleep 9 hours: 1pt (for making it past 7) + 4pts = 5pts! 3.    Eat as if it’s NOT your last Thanksgiving. What I mean by that is, don’t do what I do! Again, do NOT eat as much possible as soon as possible. This won’t be your last turkey, or stuffing, or potato or whatever it is you’ll be eating this weekend. So moderation is key. o    1 point for putting your fork down when you’re full. o    2 Bonus points for saying “No” to a 2nd piece of pumpkin pie. o    Negative 1 point if you say “Yes” to a 2nd piece of pie. 4.    Battle for leftovers o    1 point for each serving of leftovers you have for next week’s lunch. o    Negative 2 points for saying “No” to leftovers. Leftovers are the best! 5.    Relax. Relax. Relax. o    There is so much more to life than being a student. In 4 years (unless you’ve got PhD plans, sorry) the stress of looming midterms will be a lost brain cell you can’t even remember to look for. o    10 points if you feel stress free on Tuesday morning. This game looks way easier to write than actually play, however I’m going to give it my best shot. Not only to win the competition (that I’ve started with my fellow bloggers) but to hopefully un-wind before getting wound-up again!   If nothing else, hopefully I’ll be back here Tuesday with a few less bags under my eyes, some clean laundry and extra turkey for my lunches.   TTFN and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!   -Laura  

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  1. In the states, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving until the fourth Thursday of November, but all this talk about turkeys is making me hungry. Happy Thanksgiving.

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