UTGDDC: Game Making Deathmatch, and a Tribute to Randomness

I hope you like non-linear narrative


Ah. Before that, did I mention our 'in-house' game project this year? We're attempting to develop, or at least flesh out the ideas needed to develop, our own game within the club. So, yes; every member can be involved, and it looks as if we are on our way to assigning roles and whatnot (which will probably be assigned by the time this post goes up). Right now... it looks like we'll have some zombie dogs and fetal pigs, and perhaps mustard-related weaponry, among other things. It'll be good. Join us. As I was saying,


TANGIBLE-NESS: all/most of the games made during the competitions are available for download. Free procrastination on a stick. 2004 - Deadly Traps of Outer Space (Prizes included an Xbox, a DS and having your soul stolen by EA!* Sweet!) 2005 - Dimensional Disturbances 2006 - "The stress of a red blood cell during the preparation for an incoming virus attack." 2008 - Deadly Viruses from Dimension N+1 and Planet Earth and Frogs with Potatoes on the side See? Randomness. Although 'dimensions' appears to be a running theme. -

Captain's Development Log/Professor Lseil's Brainstorming (Torture) Session

(yes, if you participate, you too can subject yourself to the unforgiving creative process and/or self-loathing at your empty brain if applicable) - Done So Far: - 1. Register: done. 2. Wait with tantalization* for the start date and the theme to be announced: also done. 3. Hear theme: Heard. DON'T SHOOT THE PLANTS. 4. Immediately come up with seven ideas that are no good: Did. 5. Realize a week has gone by and you still have no ideas. Or those seven: Yeap. - Quelle Sort De Day-by-Day Thing - Weekend: nothing. Monday: nothing. Tuesday: Decided on 'something small'. Wednesday: Thought of the name, "Zsa Zsa GaBoar" Thursday Morning: - Welps, I gots nothin'. - One does not have to be an experienced programmer with a basement game studio begun in the midst of one's pimply high school years to enter GMD. But. - It would help. A bit. - It's been a week since this thing started, and everything I've come up with is too big. Like, I've got... faerie assassination conspiracies, but Metal Gear Tinkerbell would be really... omg, what did i just say. - ANYWAY. - Thursday Afternoon: (during poetry class) (during which i fell asleep) (and drooled)
  • There is the issue of using some kind of freeware development tool, such as Gamer Maker Lite, or using Python, the programming language being taught in the first-year Computer Science class. The latter would require thinking, the former is a point and click, no programming required type deal. Anything free and accessible to common folk is usable in making your game. No Unreal Engine expensive-fandangleness.
  • There is the possibility that any code written on a U of T computer is owned by U of T. Keep that in mind, if you work on it on campus. I really should determine if that is true before I tell you...
  • "Eckt Doighcktt." This is something my professor pronounced from T. S. Eliot's 'The Waste Land' and I wrote it down.
  • Because the theme is plant-related, I seem to have transcribed all the plant related stuff from the poem. 'Chief garden', 'botanical', 'stamin', which is something to do with a family tree...
- The only thing you could possible take from this is an encouragement to be creative, if you've registered. -Liesl - - - *The opinions expressed in this post are solely that of the writer. Do not shun the club on my behalf. And I like Mirror's Edge...?

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  1. *quote*
    “Eckt Doighcktt.” This is something my professor pronounced from T. S. Eliot’s ‘The Waste Land’ and I wrote it down.

    That’s just amazing.

    What poetry class is this btw?