A Deliciously Lethal Combination: Chocolate and Everything Else

Alrighty Valentiners... Here's my next post - Short, but sweet 🙂 With the impending Valentine's Day, authors and bloggers alike attempt to entice the public with stories ranging from how to get a date, how to keep your date, how to look good on your date, and so on and so on. The news publishes romantic love stories, magazines give ideas to not gain weight while satisfying your sweet tooth. Generally, the majority of the articles fail to impress one category of individuals - the single, the dating, the dieters and more. So rather thank risk my neck, I'd like to share some interesting ways to enjoy your Valentine's Day chocolate. Valentine's Day, along with Halloween, is the a good excuse to enjoy fantastic chocolate. Below are some ideas about what you can add to your chocolate. Some options are safe, others are daring, some have a cultural twist and others are just plain crazy. Give them a shot and tell me how they taste! 1. Chocolate and Fruit: A real fantastic combination - give chocolate covered strawberries, apples, even blueberries a try, and combine the healthy side of eating with a sinfully good treat. Even if you don't have any fruit that has been properly dipped into melted chocolate and then cooled, you can grab an Aero Bar and an apple and take turns biting out of each...trust me, it works 🙂 2. Chocolate and Pop: Another inexpensive way to add some fizz and zing to your chocolately fling - drink something safe, like Sprite, or mix it up with a Dr. Pepper and eat chocolate at the same time - it's always a cool combination. 3. Chocolate and Tea: its actually becoming a rather popular combination - try out earl grey, green tea, or if you are looking for something more subtle, you can try rose tea. Did you know there is actually something called Earl Grey Tea Truffles? 4. Chocolate and Chilli: rumour has it that in Mexico, the addition of chilli to chocolate provides the perfect kick off into a festive mood... it's an old Aztec tradition, and it's hot enough to get anyone's knickers in a twist! 5. Chocolate and Wasabi: while this may be a foreign to the North American taste buds, in Japan, Wasabi (like horseradish) provides a balance to counteract the sweetness of chocolate...if you are daring, give it a try! Amazing how, around the world, chocolate has been adjusted to incorporate a cultural twist. Have any ideas to spice up chocolate? Leave a comment 🙂 Happy Valentine's Day, my dear Readers...make it a day to love yourself 😀 Until next week! Fariya