Your Honour, Presenting the Pre-Law Society

As a connection with last week's Sussex Clubhouse, I thought I'd follow in Mary's footsteps, and feature a club (check out Mary's Mais oui - you too can speak French on campus! blog post!). U of T's Pre-Law Society has an extensive member base, and caters to students of all disciplines and ideas. Regardless of your year of study, type of degree or potential career interests, you can learn all about going to law school, being a lawyer, studying in other countries, and writing the LSAT. What do they have going on? Mock LSATS Important for students applying to law school this November, and taking the LSAT this December, Mock LSATS serve as an excellent studying technique for prepping for a real LSAT. The LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) is a standardized test that law schools use to put applicants on a level playing field. Regardless of whether you want to study in Canada or outside, this test is a major bargaining chip in being considered a competitive applicant. The Next Mock LSAT this club has set up is Sat. Nov 22 (that's tomorrow!). You need to bring your membership, and register in advance. If you miss that one, there will be another held on the 29th. Guest Speakers Of course, once you start applying to law school, you realize you have no idea where you want to go. The Pre-Law Society invites speakers from law schools in the province, around the country and internationally (including U.S.A., Australia, and the U.K.) You can get updates from their website about upcoming presentations and how to RSVP. Writing Opportunities So you're not really into the whole legal thing? Or maybe you want to beef up your resume for law school? Well, The Pre-Law Society even has opportunities for individuals hoping to write. They publish a legal newsletter called "Voir Dire" in which students can be featured, become columnists, editors and more. It is a great opportunity to get involved, especially for students who just want to improve their writing. Volunteering Previously there have been opportunities for volunteering through programs such as "Lawyers feeding the Hungry". While this year's volunteer opportunities are still being ironed out, the club is assuring student this year will bring new volunteer positions and bring back some of the good old events. Office Hours The website features Office Hours - students can come in and not only buy their membership ($10 for new members, $5 for returning) but they can also sit with an Executive and ask questions about applying to law schools, best LSAT materials, where to find information, and which representatives to talk to. It's a great chance for students to get help if you're applying to, or even considering, law school, or to be directed to a credible source so that you can get the information you need. The University of Toronto Pre-Law Society is really for anyone who wants to learn about available options within a legal field. They can give you the inside scoop and give you the best tips and hints! Ciao! Fariya


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  1. The mock LSAT is a great idea- I know I probably wouldn’t have the initiative to sit myself down for 5 hours at a time to write practice tests if I wasn’t otherwise participating in an organized event.

    Good luck with the test!