Welcome to the Sussex Clubhouse!!

You've tried everything – went to all the club fairs, checked out the Hart House, got on all the mailing lists, and scoured the streets for newsletters. You've just had to face it, there's no club out there that's just right for you.


Never fear, I am here!!


Welcome to 21 Sussex Ave., Toronto, home to over 50 student life organizations, that will knock your socks off!


After taking a tour around the building, gaining “one-time-only” access into some of the student office spaces, and holding office hours there myself, I can give you all the secrets to making the most of this building and the services it offers.



21 Sussex Ave. is at the corner of Huron Street and Sussex Ave (no way!) and is northwest of Robarts Library. On a CampusMap, the building code is SC, or you can just use GoogleMaps and look it up yourself.




The Sussex Clubhouse is home to:

·     Campus Community Police (Floor 1)

·     The Community Safety Office (Floor 2)

·     The Varsity student newspaper (Floors 2 & 3)

·     Student Life Programs staff (Floor 3)

·    Anti-Racism and Cultural Diversity Office (Floor 3)

·    Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Student Resources and Programs (Floor 4)

·     Facilities for use by campus groups (Floors 4 & 5)

·     Over 50 student organizations (Floors 4, 5 & 6)



Student Organizations

 Here are some of the organizations you can find at The Club House

  • Pre-Law Society
  • Chinese Students Association
  • Crumpled Paper Art & Creative Writing Magazine
  • Only Human Dance Collective
  • Teachers Without Borders
  • Investing in Integrity
  • War Child
  • Party for a Cause
  • Peace by PEACE


… And much, much more! You can checkout out this ClubBrochure PDF and look at a list of all the clubs featured at the Clubhouse.




Okay, so you want to check it out, but you don’t want to wander the building like a lost soul?

The Sussex Clubhouse is having a “Club Crawl” during the depths of winter, as they put it, where you can enjoy hot chocolate, popcorn, and connect with student groups (representatives from every student group will be there). It’s a huge event, Sussex Community’s largest event of the year.

It's been scheduled for Thursday January 24th, 2008 from 3-6pm. I’ve given you enough advance notice, so mark it in your schedules, and be sure to come! This year’s event theme is ‘Da Sussex Code’ and you can get involved the competition to crack the code and win a prize!

It’s a great opportunity, so check it out!



You can surf around the main website here and click around for more information, and ideas about how to get involved.


If you ever want to check out the building, post me a comment. I hold office hours there once a week, and I can give you the inside scoop!


- Fariya

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  1. My club applied for an office in that building for 2 years straight, but both times we didn’t get one 🙁 I guess these days fundraising money for a local women’s shelter just isn’t as important as partying for causes anymore…ha ha…

  2. Actually Lucy, Party for a Cause is a student organization that encourages partying and through partying, raising money for important social issues in society (like for disease research, fighting against discrimination etc.)
    I am sorry, however, that you didnt get office space there. We should check out other places clubs can apply.

  3. I know I know…I almost went to one of their parties in my first year lol…but I mean….a club that bakes cupcakes vs. a club that hosts parties…I’D GO FOR THE CUPCAKES OMG! HAhahaha! I was joking about it of course. Party for a Cause is a really cool way to raise awareness. 🙂