University College: Redefining Student Experiences

University College (UC) is reimaging several of its spaces. Through a series of student and staff feedback sessions, the Innovation Hub will explore the needs and desires of the UC community when it comes to these spaces. The insights generated from this feedback will be used during the reimagine of these spaces, grounding the transformation in the College’s foundational principles of equity, diversity, inclusion and sustainability.

Our Findings

We found that students, faculty, staff, and alumni have somewhat different understandings of what UC’s identity is. Our vision for the project is the future of University College is built on an evolving identity co-created by its community.

Our findings play out in four themes:

  • History: An Asset or a Liability?
  • Inclusion Creates Belonging
  • Co-creating the Future
  • Finding Our Way

From our co-creation events, we learned that students are keen to see space embody a dynamic experience that brings people together and meets the needs of the community.

The college is well positioned to reconcile this disconnect because its students, alumni, staff, and faculty are eager to be part of UC’s evolution into the future. Learn more by accessing our report, which is linked below.

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