Trans and Nonbinary Student Experiences Feedback Sessions

Call for Participants

In summer 2021, the Innovation Hub partnered with the Sexual and Gender Diversity Office (SGDO) to gain a better understanding of the experiences of trans and/or nonbinary students with the identification categories used on surveys, such as the Student Equity Census, and the Change of Name and Gender Request Form. The goals of this first phase were to gather student stories of interacting with these identification categories as well as any additional experiences where the University might query or use students’ identification categories that pose challenges. Additionally, asking for input on preferred options in order to begin to understand how to make the University inclusive for trans and/or nonbinary student communities was a focus.  

For the fall-winter 2021-22 term, the Innovation Hub and SGDO will partner for a second phase of the project. In this phase, we would like to invite you to join us for design thinking sessions. In these sessions we will share back what we heard in the summer and ask for your feedback on how we can make UofT more inclusive of trans and nonbinary communities. 

We want you to be a part of our sessions! Students who participate in feedback sessions will receive a $10 gift card. 

Deadline to participate: October 20th, 2021. For any questions you are welcome to reach out to us at

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