The #LearnWithIntegrity Communications Campaign

A Campaign Designed by and for Students

In response to demand, The Provost’s Office is now enabling all instructors and staff to access this year’s student-friendly tri-campus communications campaign about academic integrity in the online learning environment. This campaign has been designed in a decentralized way and we’d appreciate your help to get the messages across to students directly. It’s available to any UofT instructor or staff member who wants to contribute to communicating how we can all #LearnWithIntegrity. This campaign was designed by students for student through the Innovation Hub.

The #LearnWithIntegrity campaign has two main messages:

  1. Providing Help and Resources, which encourages students to ask for help and make use of available resources when they aren’t sure of academic integrity expectations.
  2. What is Academic Integrity? Here, examples of behaviours that could lead to an academic offense are illustrated in order to encourage students to think more about academic integrity in the online environment.

Would you like to use the Campaign materials?

Materials are available to any staff at UofT and in the UofT organization, including faculty members. Please ensure that you access the materials with your account. These materials include:

  1. An accessible manual that supports what to include for content, alternative text, and optional captions to use
  2. Access to materials for a range of communication types, such as:
      • Social media: Numerous graphics are provided for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with captions and ALT text.
      • Email: A basic mass email template is provided. Departments are encouraged to send out an email to their students
      • Newsletter: A short blurb and images for newsletters to students are provided
      • Digital Screens on Campus: Graphics for digital screens on campus are provided for those who have access to this equipment.
      • PowerPoint (During Class): A PowerPoint file with all graphics can be provided to instructors so they can add slides to their course material to remind students of the importance of academic integrity

Click the button below to access our OneDrive folder to download and review materials as needed! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

#LearnWithIntegrity Campaign Access

* To ensure you have consistent access to these materials, we recommend downloading contents to your primary device. You can also return back to this website at anytime through our website or through