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Stories from a Distance wouldn’t be possible without our student-led team at the Innovation Hub and community partners at UofT who continue to share our programming and collaborate with us on exciting sessions.

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I-HUB x Hart House

We’re excited to continue our collaboration with Hart House Students! We’ll be having joint sessions led by our Stories Team and the Hart House Ambassadors, covering more topics and fun activities throughout the Fall & Winter term. Follow our work with Hart House by following @harthousestudents on Instagram!

Are you a community partner at UofT, or someone who loves supporting students? Connect with us to chat about a future session or series!


Whether it’s designing sessions or engaging with students, our student-led teams are always at the core of our work!

Ayaan Hagar – Stories from a Distance Team Lead

Ayaan [she/her] is a fifth year undergraduate in the Faculty of Information, where she studies the intersections of data, design, and the ethical implications of information technologies. As the Team Lead of the Stories from a Distance project, she uses design thinking to help combat isolation and loneliness, and foster digital community at the University. In this role, she is excited to experiment with design thinking, community outreach, and inclusive design practices to help improve the student experience. In her spare time, she enjoys experimenting with new recipes, reading, and watching movies.

Mona Adibmoradi – Stories from a Distance Team

Mona [she/her] is currently a dental student at the University of Toronto. Mona loves bringing people together, whether it’s over a workshop or a game of ping pong. At the Innovation Hub, Mona gets to bring people together and foster a sense of community as a member of the Stories of a Distance team. She is excited to use her experience in student engagement and mentorship to build a community where students feel comfortable sharing their diverse and unique stories. Outside of work and school, Mona enjoys cycling, playing with her cat, Cyrus, and mastering the ultimate charcuterie board.

Sanskriti Maheshwari – Stories from a Distance Team

Sanskriti is a third-year undergraduate student double majoring in Criminology and Psychology and minoring in Sociology. As part of the Stories from a Distance Project, she works with her team to organize and host weekly live sessions that aim to bring students together, facilitate conversations, and foster meaningful connections. Growing up in five different countries, Sanskriti understands the importance of sharing stories, learning from other people’s experiences, and creating a space that makes everyone feel welcome. She hopes to use her experience as a student leader to advocate for mental health awareness and encourage cultural understanding. When Sanskriti is not binge-watching true crime documentaries, she loves hiking and exploring new trails, going to the beach, dancing, and baking.

Kethmi Egodage – Community, Social Connection & Support for Students

Kethmi is an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Arts and Science, double majoring in Psychology and Criminology. She is a member of the Innovation Hub Project Team as a Community, Social Connection & Support for Students and contributes to providing support to students experiencing isolation and loneliness as a member of the Stories from a Distance team. Her diverse experiences working with marginalized minority communities through her volunteering and student club involvements (such as the Woodsworth College Students’ Racialized Collective) not only adds a unique perspective to our design thinking team, but it also helps us promote an environment of inclusivity and equity. Despite her slight obsession with the tv series Criminal Minds, she also enjoys staying active and experimenting with different types of cuisines through her weekend cooking sessions.