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Let’s Talk About UMLAP

The University wants your feedback on the University-Mandated Leave of Absence Policy (UMLAP) 

The University-Mandated Leave of Absence Policy (UMLAP) is undergoing review and the University wants to hear from you in student-led feedback sessions hosted by the Innovation Hub. The feedback will inform the Review of the University-Mandated Leave of Absence Policy Committee. To read more about the Review, see: https://consultations.students.utoronto.ca/review-of-the-university-mandated-leave-of-absence-policy/ 

Call for Participants

The Innovation Hub will run student-led dialogue-based feedback sessions, collecting feedback with the goal of better understanding the student perspective and experience of the policy at UofT. All students, both undergraduate and graduate, are encouraged to participate. You are invited to contribute thoughts online and/or opt-in for one of our virtual dialogue-based sessions.

Each virtual feedback session participant will receive a $10 gift card as a thank you.

The deadline for signing up for feedback sessions is June 18, 2021. 

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