Student Experience in Accessing Enrolment Services (Client Services) Inquiries

Have you ever had a question about your transcript, financial aid & awards, or ACORN? 

We want to know about your experience seeking answers to these questions at UofT!

Have you ever needed to ask a question about your ACORN account? Or OSAP? Have you needed to order a transcript but want some clarification? Where do you go for help for these questions? And what help would you like to experience?  

Enrolment Services (Client Services) provides a one-stop for student inquires related to admissions, financial aid and awards, transcripts and student accounts, serving current and prospective students by providing a highly effective service culture and create a positive experience at the University. Given the frontline nature of this service, it is imperative to understand student needs to direct students with the best information and care possible within a complex university landscape. Enrolment Services (Client Services) seeks a better understanding of student needs of client services through consultation with students.

A blue and white graphic with a compass, magnifying glass, and conversation bubbls. It reads 'Have you ever had a question about your transcript, Financial Aid & awards, or ACORN?"
For this project, the Innovation Hub is partnering with Enrolment Services (Client Services) to collect student feedback to help client services better understand student experience and how it can be strengthened. Let us know what you think! 

The deadline for signing up for sessions is October 7th, 2021.