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Finding Calm in Toronto Gardens

Toronto is a city of hustle and bustle, so when you add the beautiful summer sun into the mix it can be a challenge to find anywhere that’s not sporting a crowd of people. Who else waited in absurd lines at Canada’s Wonderland this year?🙋‍♀️ Yup, not the most calming way to spend the day. As much as I love screaming my head off on roller coasters, finding some solitude and peace over the summer is important and it's definitely not too late to do so! Here are some of the gardens I visited this summer:

1. Edwards Gardens

Located in North York, Edwards Gardens is a beautiful botanical garden. It’s one of my favourite spots to go for a picnic and take in the nature. 

🏆Challenge: Try to take a break from your phone while in the garden; it’s tempting to take pictures of every flower and the wildlife you see but sometimes it’s refreshing to just enjoy your surroundings in real time. My friend twisted her ankle taking this picture of a bunny...consider it a sign.📸🐰

Bunny at Edwards Gardens.

2. Spadina Museum

Only 13 minutes away from campus via transit or a 25 minute walk, is Spadina Museum, also known as Spadina House. It is right next to Casa Loma but provides a tranquil break from the crowds. The historical-house museum is free to visit and is surrounded by an array of pretty flowers.

Sammi Herlich at Spadina Museum Garden.
Garden Views!🌸🌼🌻🌺🌷

⭐️Pro tip! Take the Baldwin Steps, a tall staircase off of Davenport and Spadina, to count as your cardio for the week…I was so out of breath.

Photo taken from the Baldwin Steps, Toronto, with a view of the CN Tower.
View from top of the stairs — spot the CN Tower!

3. U of T green spaces

There are quite a few spots on campus that I find act as an oasis away from the busy downtown. The waterfall garden at Victoria College is a favourite and I recently stumbled upon a little parkette at St. Michael's College.


Did you know about this hidden waterfall in the middle of downtown Toronto? Check out the life at UofT blog to find out where this hidden study spot is on UofT’s campus! #uoft #torontolife #torontotiktok #toronto #uoftoronto #studentlife #uoftstudentlife #students #hiddengems #beautifulspaces #uoftsg

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