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Why you should get involved with CCR at U of T

"Build your experience. Tell your story."

“What’s the point of getting CCR credits?” “Why focus on any other transcript when I should only be focusing on my academic transcript?” “How will the official CCR document help me once I complete my degree?” These are some of the common questions raised by many students and are tremendously valid! What I’m about to tell you regarding the Co-Curricular Record (CCR) will completely answer all your questions and concerns about being involved with CCR at the University of Toronto.

Your co-curricular involvement beyond the classroom

University life is about striking a perfect balance between academics and co-curricular activities on campus, and the Co-Curricular Record program recognizes the hard work and efforts made by students at and for U of T. The CCR is an official document that acknowledges your co-curricular involvement as an integral part of your university experience; check out this video to learn more. 

Options on CLNx related to CCR
Options on CLNx related to CCR

Let me share my personal experience: During my first year, I led two Recognized Study Groups, attended Meet To Complete sessions with the Sidney Smith Commons, worked with Tech2U as a part of the Work Study Program, and attended virtual Study Hub sessions, all of which is recorded on my CCR. I received a total of 5 CCR credits and am looking forward to getting involved in the many other on-campus activities during my second year. These credits have motivated me majorly to try out new things each day, build experience, tell my story, and network with some of the most interesting people on campus. 

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Most of the CCR-recognized activities are listed on U of T’s very own Career & Co-Curricular Learning Network (CLNx), which enables you to keep track of your CCR transcript and activities you’ve participated in; you can also search for new opportunities that would not only suit your skill set but could be a fruitful addition to your record, too! The Experiential Catalogue on CLNx is a directory containing more than a hundred CCR opportunities, such as volunteer positions, committees and more.

The motto of CCR is “Build your experience. Tell your story”, and that’s exactly what U of T helps you do!

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