5 Habits to Help You Get Through Exams

To kick off #ExamReady week, here are five habits that I love to help you thrive during the final stretch of the term!

1. Spend Time Outside Every Day

Image of a row of houses as seen from across a park
a photo from a walk in the park I took last week

I find that getting some fresh air can really help clear my head and give my brain a much needed break in between study sessions. Whether this just happens on your commute to class, or you take a walk around the block on a study break, trying to get outside every day is such a good habit to get into.

There are hundreds of parks in Toronto that can offer an escape from the urban density, and have lots on offer like trees, dog parks, walking paths, and more. Visit your closest one or make a trek to someplace new!

2. Study Out of the House

While this doesn't have to be every study session, I really love trying to study somewhere other than my apartment. I find that it helps me to stay focused on the task at hand, and it also helps me establish a work life balance.

There are countless cool study spots, from U of T libraries, to public libraries, to cafes. It can even be fun to get together and study with friends, and making work feel more social and enjoyable is super motivating!

3. Daily Movement

The nice thing about this habit is that it can be paired with the first two! Daily movement doesn't have to be anything extreme, but even short walks or gentle stretches can really change the way you feel.

I love to get moving because its an excuse to leave my desk and my screen and just be present with myself. Whether I go for a walk outside or do some yoga, it really feels like me-time and feels like a brain reset, which helps me to be more focused when I come back to my work.

4. Make a List to Help Prioritize

image of a cafe table with a laptop: open to a Notion page

One of my biggest tips for these busy weeks is planning and prioritizing. I like to keep track of the next 5 things that are due, and focus on getting those checked off. Once I hand something in, I remove it and update the list.

I also find it helpful to pick a few attainable goals for each day and make daily to-do lists. This helps me feel productive and on track, and its so satisfying to end the day with a completed task list.

Meal Prep

Because this time of year can get so busy, it's easy to get overwhelmed and run out of time to cook. This can lead to spending tons of money on takeout which can be stressful.

I recommend trying to find 2-3 times a week where you can take a couple of hours to make a large batch of food that will last until the next chance you get to meal prep.

I hope these tips help you to reduce stress and make this the best finals season yet!


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