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New Year, New Me: My Experience Going to a U of T Fitness Class

Almost every year I have made a resolution to move more, and this resolution has become even more important since starting university. With how busy student life can get, between classes, readings, assignments, and all of the outside commitments, I can find it really difficult to set aside the time to look after myself.

As much as I know that regular physical activity is incredibly beneficial to mental (read more in an article from U of T Prof Catherine Sabiston) and physical health, I often get stressed out by the thought of going to a gym or a fitness class and being surrounded by other people. I worry that everyone else will be "better" at it than I am, and those fears usually keep me from going.

However, this year I'm determined to branch out more, and so on Sunday morning last weekend I dragged myself out of bed and went to a yoga class offered through U of T Sports and Rec.

Outside of Goldring Centre for High Performance sport on an overcast day. Black building with a large wall of windows on the front.
Goldring Centre, Image - JasonParis

The class I went to is offered four times a week at the Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport, and is totally free to U of T students. No registration required, but I would highly recommend showing up early as the class was completely full by the time we started, and the instructor had to turn away a couple of late-comers.

The yoga classes are held in the Fitness Studio, which is on the third floor. I had never used this part of the building before, but the worker at the front desk was happy to give me directions. I brought my own mat, but they had several available for use as well.

Fitness studio of Goldring Centre. Well lit room with a wall of windows and wooden floors.
Fitness Studio, Image - Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education

I had never been to an in-person yoga class before, and I was worried that I wouldn't have enough knowledge to feel comfortable in the class. My worries were quickly dispelled though, as the class was very beginner friendly and the instructor was a calm and helpful presence.

The 45 minute class was the perfect length, and would fit well into a busy day. I left feeling refreshed and had a super productive day afterwards! If yoga doesn't interest you, they also offer Barre, Cardio Dance Party, and Big HIIT classes. I know how daunting these environments can be at first, but the atmosphere in my class was super chill and supportive, and I look forward to attending another one.

Best of luck on YOUR new years resolutions,

- Annie

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