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Skating in a Winter Wonderland: Where to Go Skating in Toronto this Winter

Here are a few options if you’re looking for the perfect place to skate

Ice Skating is just one of those iconic cold weather activities, I feel like you have to do it at least once a year! Here are a few options if you're looking for the perfect place to skate:

Image of people skating at an indoor rink
Skating at the Athletic Centre Rink

But First: No Skates, No Worry

The city of Toronto has a program where you can take out skates for free from their "Skate Lending Library". In addition to that program, many locations on this list include on-site rentals, either for free or at a small cost.

Varsity Centre Ice Rink

If you're near campus, the first place you should check out is the universities very own ice rink! You can book a spot for their open skate here and U of T students can get skate rentals for just $3.00.

College Park Skating Trail

One of the city run rinks is the College Park Skate Trail. Located right by the Chelsea Hotel, which currently operates as a U of T residence.

Nathan Phillips Square

This is THE iconic Toronto skating spot. Although often crowded, this downtown rink does have a beautiful backdrop with the Old City Hall. You can rent skates here, but it will cost you.

Union Station Rink

Right outside of the beautiful and historic Union station is a rink with free skate rentals!

The Bentway Skate Trail

While this rink doesn't open until after Christmas, it does give you a cool chance to check out the Bentway in all of the winter glory. For updates on the 2023 season, check their social media often!

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