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Getting Creative With My Free Time

As a student who does not have a lot of free time, I came to the realization that how I spend my free time is really important to create the work-life balance that I need.

In the past, my breaks would consist of watching Netflix, scrolling through Tiktok or Instagram but I thought to myself why don't I make a Tiktok or take pictures or paint something cool. I researched that the act of creating something is a great way to boost your mental health and morale!

On a mission to be creative, I got a sketch notebook and a water colour set to start my journey. The ten minute breaks between our classes is a great time to engage in a paint challenge. I would get out my painting tools and see what I could come with in five minutes! I am in no way a painting expert but the end product is always fun to see. For example, some time this week I randomly decided to draw a baby chicken!

a yellow and orange chick to show creativity
My five minute depiction of a chick

During longer breaks, I would make tiktoks, try to take pictures of myself or objects, or I would do something different like write a song or learn a dance routine. For me, I try to keep my activities spontaneous and different and something I can do within the given time frame and depending on how I feel for the day. For example, sometime last week I randomly created a Tiktok video showing the different ways I handle as stressful week. It was really fun to make and it was a nice break from all my course work.

I truly see the importance of trying new things and letting the spark of creativity overtake you sometimes. It's really fun and most times, the end products are a nice and joyous surprise!

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