Taking Breaks with Netflix: My Top 3 Movies to Watch

Somehow, I realized that I had not had any form of entertainment since the start of midterms about six weeks ago. My brain has been swimming circles around Laplace Transforms and Fatigue Limits all thanks to my beautiful Mechanical Engineering degree. As much as I love learning new things, I had to take a step back and give my brain room to feel relaxed and entertained. Honestly, life is no fun when it's all about getting grades and landing an internship. We need laughter and warmth to keep ourselves going and I'm thankful I realized that I had been depriving myself of these emotions for too long.

On a windy Friday night with a midterm to study for and 3 assignments due the following week, I watched 3 incredible movies and I don't regret a thing. Here's a list of what I watched and why I watched them. (P.S They are ordered the same way I watched them).


This movie is an emotional depiction of human trafficking in Nigeria. I enjoy watch social issue dramas because they bring a new perspective on something I never quite understood in the past. Additionally, the movie got me thinking of the real systemic issues that need to be addressed around the world. This is a serious movie with a serious story line but definitely an interesting and compelling watch.

A scene of OLOTURE


Jumanji is a nice mix of action and comedy! I chose this movie because takes off all the seriousness and sadness from OLOTURE. The actors did a great job in my opinion, and it was a good laugh all through. In general, I really love fantasies because they remove me from reality and try to get me to understand a whole new world that doesn't exist. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is a really cool movie, and this version of the franchise really adds on to the beauty of the original movie.

A funny reaction from Dwayne Johnson after Jack Black's character was eaten by a Hippo!


The last movie I chose to watch was Burlesque starring Cher and Christina Aguilera. This movie is definitely a favourite of mine because it really shows the awards for dedication and believing in your strengths. The movie has a lot of singing, dancing and amazing costumes that really make it a fun and interesting watch. I also find it inspirational because it's all about chasing your dreams. In my opinion, this a really good watch for anyone who likes drama and music!

A scene where Christina's character starts to lose herself to the fame

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