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Why I find time to work-out

Although I must admit I’m not the most consistent when it comes to committing to the gym, I am also someone who genuinely enjoys going from time to time. Going to the gym is definitely not as easy at it might seem, but after many years of practice, I finally got the hang of it. Here at the University of Toronto I’m lucky to have three different gyms I can go to. There’s the AC, the one in Hart House, and Goldring. I’ve tried all three of them, and after multiple times at each, I settled with the Athletic Centre. Goldring seemed too professional for me, I always felt somewhat intimidated, and I prefer to feel totally comfortable when I go work-out. Hart House never really convinced me. However, I discovered the AC had multiple floors and levels for whatever it was I was trying to do, so I decided to stick to it.
A gym mat is placed on the flood and Francesca is holding her water bottle. There's a stamp of the time and it reads 8:29pm.
Finding time can be easier for me at night.
Finding time to work out can be hard. I usually try to sneak in workouts after classes, or during days when I don’t have classes at all. This might sound easy, but when I’m showered with assignments and in the middle of midterm season, it might seem counterproductive. However, a couple of years ago I realized that going to the gym actually helped me de-stress in order to study better. Whenever I felt stuck trying to finish something, whether it be a reading or an essay, I’d try to go work out for maybe an hour, and when I came back I felt ready to start again.  Another really important factor for me is not going to the gym out of guilt. Sometimes I might not be able to make it to the gym in a couple of days or even weeks, but I don’t let the factor of guilt drive me into going back. If I decide to go back it is because I want to and because I know it will help me. Although this is sometimes hard, I constantly remind myself that it’s okay to take it easy, and sometimes that means taking a break from working out. When the time is right, I’ll know to go back. 
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I wouldn’t say that the gym constitutes a huge part of my life, but I would definitely say that it helps me navigate through it. The Athletic Centre has so many cool drop-in classes as well as great facilities, so I’m making sure to make the most of them while I’m here. 

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