Scenery someone on the UofT campus during winter, during a sunset.

The Beauty Around Us

A cherry blossom in the street
Cherry blossoms downtown!
Many days can go by in which I fail to notice the beauty that surrounds us. I can’t stress enough how important it is for me to do so. I have started to notice how fast my mood can improve when I begin noticing the little things.    Why does it matter to me so much?  Because my day can go from tiring and tedious to calming and inspiring, motivating me to continue being my best self, which I often forget about when I get caught up on school work. People ask me why I’m always stopping to take pictures of the sky or why I’m staring so hard at a building that we walk by everyday, and that’s because these sights are never the same. No two days will ever be identical; perhaps there’s a group of friends hanging out, or maybe a tree has new flowers sprouting, and I think it’s always worth it to stop and admire. It gives me some time to reflect.  My favourite place One of my all-time favourite spots on campus is the UC quad, which is sadly closed due to constructions at the moment. However, the quad right by it, the Sir Daniel’s quad, is just as beautiful. On sunny days, nothing beats taking a book there, getting a hotdog from the brown food-truck, and just appreciating life. I’ve made so many memories here, and it’s never a bad time to reminisce. Clearly, as you can tell, art is not only found in museums. Sure, the AGO might have brilliant exhibits and the Hart-House Museum might be beautiful, but finding art is much easier than many think it is. Just stop for a minute and look around. 
Sir Daniel's quad covered in snow during the afternoon.
The Sir Dan's quad looks magical during winter
In February 2017 I came to Toronto simply to visit the university. Until then I had only dreamt of ever studying in a city so beautiful. It was summer at home, and Toronto was covered in snow. I’d been warned about this extreme weather, but to me, the city looked stunning. I walked around with my mom and my brother, but nothing around the city compared to the beauty we found on campus. We walked up to King’s College circle, and we couldn’t decide which view was the best. On one side we had the breath-taking UC building, and opposite, we were stunned by the CN Tower. Until today, whenever I need a reminder of how far I’ve come, I stop to look at it. From King’s College circle, maybe from Robarts, perhaps during my run around Trinity Bellwoods, or wherever I am, it never fails to impress me, both for how impressive it is, and also for what it means to me. 
View of the CN Tower from McCaul st.
This view makes my walk to exam centre happier!
The main UC building from the other end of King's College Circle during winter.
Even when it's cold and grey, UC reminds me of how far I've gotten
  As you come to school in September, don’t forget to take some time to stop, you’d be surprised how much a small sighting can improve your day. Do you have any favourite places that you like to call art? Let me know in the comments!

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