On Campus Job Hunting Season is Now Open!

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Spending my hard earned cash.
Since the age of fifteen I have always been employed. Going through high school, it allowed me to have the freedom to spend my hard earned cash on things that I wanted and not have to rely on having to convince my parents to give me money or buy me certain things. Fast forward to my university years, being employed has become even more important. The money that I earn from being employed not only allows me to experience things that Toronto offers, but also helps tremendously in covering the cost of being in school. The reason why I’m saying this is because it is approaching August and it’s about that time when U of T begins posting their job opportunities for the coming school year. Being a mature student, my expenses are higher than most, primarily because I have decided to forego parental support as I complete my degree, which means I am always on the market for another job.
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CLN Job Board
So where do I go when it comes to searching for on campus jobs? Well easily enough, if you have your UTORid the university offers a great service through the Career Learning Network (CLN – see link below) that allows you to browse on-campus and off-campus job listings. This service has been invaluable to me. In fact through CLN I have found two amazing jobs. One being a contract researcher for Postmedia’s Financial Post, and the other (of course) doing what I am doing right now: BLOGGING! The reason why I use this service is because jobs posted on CLN are geared specifically towards U of T students and recent graduates. These jobs range from on-campus jobs, jobs with highly flexible schedules, research jobs, internships, jobs available for those in the Work Study program, as well as volunteer opportunities if experience is all that you are looking for. Furthermore, it is the only place that I can think of that has a specific job bank for on-campus employment opportunities! Finding a job on campus makes being a working student even easier especially when it comes to going between work and classes. If you are wondering about the Work Study program, it essentially is a program that allows you to learn and develop skills relevant to your studies while being paid to work on campus. Job postings for the program start getting posted on August 1st, so mark that date on your calendar if you plan on taking advantage of what it can offer you. Job searching isn't a walk in the park, but services like CLN with programs like the work study program make it a lot easier for a U of T student like myself. I often scan the CLN job listings even when I'm not on the hunt for a job. In fact, as I am writing this blog post, I actually am also scanning the job postings on CLN to prepare myself for applying to a few listings which I will be doing in the coming days. One listing that caught my eye is this one:
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Academic Success & Equity Blogger Job Post (Job ID: 81598 on CLN)
Hopefully, some of you reading this blog are curious as to how to become a fellow blogger. For those seriously interested in blogging with us, then I would say the first step would be to apply for the job above! Read the job description, the job requirements, and of course read all of our blog posts and then start editing your CV/Resume to highlight how awesome of a blogger you’ll be! In any case, whoever ends up getting the job will be a welcome addition to the team who I am excited to meet!
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Blogging Selfie! #Blessed
What sort of jobs have you had as a student and what sort of research do you do when you begin your job search? Leave a comment below and let me know! Resources: CLN Website | How to get your UTORid Guide

5 comments on “On Campus Job Hunting Season is Now Open!

  1. Whenever I try to get on it says “Timed out / Portal Error / Page not Found” any ideas about what’s going on? I know people who can get on just fine

    1. Hi Thiago, I’m really sorry for the late response, I’ve been away on vacation. I hope things worked out. If you are still having this problem, I would suggest speaking directly to the Career Centre either in person by going to their office in the Koffler Centre or by contacting them through their social media accounts (FB: @UniversityofTorontoCareerCentre or Twitter: UofTCareerCtr). Hopefully this helps!


  2. Same problem here. I have been trying to access CLN website but it keeps displaying the same error message over and over. I have also tried other browsers and same thing happens. What’s wrong with it?

    1. Hi Julie,
      Again like I said above, I’m so sorry to be replying so late. I was on vacation so my apologies. Like I said to Thiago, I would suggest speaking directly to the Career Centre either in person by going to their office in the Koffler Centre or by contacting them through their social media accounts (FB: @UniversityofTorontoCareerCentre or Twitter: UofTCareerCtr). Hopefully this helps!


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