Adventures in Wonderland

I’m addicted to the adrenaline rush. This addiction is a strange one because I would never go as far as jumping out of a plane, nor would I jump off of a bridge attached to a cord, but in this case I can’t seem to get enough of the rush. The entire package sets me off: the anticipation before the rush, the rush itself, and the reeling feeling afterwards. My name is Jasper, and I’m addicted to rollercoasters. To satisfy this addiction I urgently needed to feel the wind in my hair and hear the clicking of the tracks. So some friends and I decided it was high time to go to Canada’s Wonderland. It’s been years since I’ve stepped foot in this particular theme park. In fact, I remember the last time I went, it was the year of the Behemoth’s debut. So this decision made me really happy! I knew there were tons of new things for me to experience, including the Leviathan!
A photo of Canada's Wonderland entrance gate
and it begins
Our adventures through Wonderland began early in the morning. We wanted to make sure we were able to spend a full day there and we did. In fact, we were crafty about the whole scheduling thing. It turns out one of the best times to go to Wonderland to avoid really long lines is on Father’s Day! The longest line we waited in was a mere 15 minutes.
a photo of a rollercoaster car going up the initial drop
such height omg!
There were a lot of things I absolutely loved about Wonderland, but by far, the rollercoasters took the cake. I have been on some amazing rollercoasters in my life, and in all honesty the Leviathan and Behemoth both rank highly on my list of sweet rollercoasters that I’ll never get sick of. If you’re into steep drops, daring heights, and fast speed and you’ve never tried either of these two, then I have but one question for you: what are you doing with your life?! Jokes aside, there were some less than stellar rollercoasters that I have regrets about riding. Two that come to mind are The Bat and Backlot Stunt Coaster. Now, I have quite the history with The Bat. I used to love this ride, but what made riding it so regrettable this time around was the horrible dizziness that ensued when I got off which didn’t go away for a couple of hours. I think after that experience, The Bat and I will probably never happen again. Backlot Stunt Coaster was regrettable for a completely different reason. It was short and jerky to the point where in the small amount of time I was on the ride, I almost got whiplash three times. Some more notable coasters that I enjoyed for the novelty were of course the classic wooden coasters, two of which I rode (Mighty Canadian Minebusters and Wild beast), and Wonder Mountain’s Guardian. Wonder Mountain’s Guardian isn’t your average thrill ride, it’s an interactive ride that allows you to virtually shoot enemies as the ride progresses. Being a gaming enthusiast and all, I immediately took a liking to this ride. My friends and I got a little competitive to see who could shoot the most enemies, sadly I ended up in second place.
A photo of a jar of water over looking the don valley with a red slide drawn beside it and a stickfigure climbing up the slide
my rendition of "Splash Works"
Now due to the summer heat (32 degrees Celsius!), my friends and I decided that we needed to make a detour into Splash Works. I’m not usually one to go to water parks, but because I was extremely hot, I said to heck with it and strutted my dadbod down to the water. It was the best decision to make at the time and I had a blast. I enjoyed the wave pool, even with its miniature waves, and I got to go down some pretty rad waterslides. My favourites I’d have to say were the Black Hole and Barracuda Blaster. Now as a U of T student, the cost of a day at Canada’s Wonderland can be pretty pricey. But there are ways to alleviate costs. Unfortunately, aside from having a picnic outside of the park during meal times, the high cost of food is generally something that you’ll have to absorb. So where can you find the savings? The entrance fee of course! Luckily for us UTSU offers discounted Canada’s Wonderland tickets. In fact UTSU offers a lot of student discounts for entertainment activities in and around Toronto. So if you decide you want to have your own adventure in Canada’s Wonderland, then be sure to take advantage of the benefits of being a student! Let me know what I should do next time I go to Wonderland by leaving a comment below and check out the UTSU website for more information on entertainment discounts!

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