Getting Crafty at Hart House!

On Thursday Api and I dropped by Hart House Get Crafty to take a little break from essay writing and make some bath bombs and lip balms! Get Crafty runs every Thursday from 11-1 in the Hart House Reading Room and although it's over for the semester I'm pretty sure they'll be doing it again next semester! The event is totally free and provides all the materials plus tea and coffee. It was the first time either me or Api went to Get Crafty and we had a lot of fun decorating our lip balms and attempting to wrap and decorate the bath bombs. Check out some pictures from the event below! Hart House foyer looking into the Reading Room. A large blue banner is beside the doorway and says "Get Crafty" on it in large white and orange letters. Api with our bath bombs! Api holding two bath bombs wrapped in cellophane and tied up with purple and gold ribbons.   Some lip balms cool before they can be decorated. a purple container holds 3 lip blam tubes that have just had a lip balm mixture poured into them, they are cooling before they can be decorated. in the background are three little bottles that probably have scents or flavours in them. hands wrapping multi-coloured striped washi take around a grey lip balm tube api holds her decorated tube of lip balm up beside her face.Our finished lip balms, they smelt really really good. a hand holding a tube of lip balm in the palm. The tube has a geometric pattern on it from washi tape that has been applied to it. two tubes of lipbalm lie on a piece of paper that has instructions on how to make them. tubes of coloured cellophane (red and blue), two bags of scented herbs (rose and lavender) and two bath bombs wrapped in clear cellophane sit beside them. All in all it was a really fun event and I'll definitely be going to more next semester! Anyone else up to Get Crafty? 

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