Ondiek’s Declassified Non-Res School Survival Guide

You’re finally done high school! But you have one “problem”… and no, it’s not that Ariana Grande song. The problem is that you’re not living on residence next fall. You’re probably experiencing a major case of the FOMO. Well, don’t.
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You’ve got 99 problems, but not living on res won’t be one. Once upon a time, when I was young, and thought quarter life crises’ were a joke – I too experienced the same first year non-res worries. But, as tacky as it sounds, your university experience is shaped by how dedicated you are. Non-res or not!
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Here's what I did to make the most of my non-res experience! 1. FROSH WEEK!  You’ve probably heard the word ‘frosh week’ a zillion times now. I cannot stress how important frosh week was to me in having a brilliant non-res experience in my first year. It was especially vital considering the fact that I attend the very tight-knit Slyther—I mean Trinity College. Having a small community like Trin means it’ll inevitably be a little bit like high school – you’ll want to get a sense of comfortability, since you'll end seeing these people very frequently. It’s at frosh week where you’ll meet your peers, and eventually break that metaphoric brick of ice. Now, I’m not saying you’ll meet all your friends at frosh week, or even stay friends with some of them, but what I am saying is that it’s important that you feel comfortable enough to visit your college or faculty after frosh week is over. If you feel comfortable enough to visit your home-away-from-home on a regular basis, then you will be able to avoid the dreaded non-res abyss! Also, I haven’t stated the obvious, frosh week is really, really fun! For all you Trin frosh! P.S. If you don’t feel comfortable attending frosh week at your college or faculty for personal reasons – don’t fret. U of T has a wonderful alternative orientation called Kickstart. It’s geared towards students who feel the same way you do. There you’ll meet people you have common interests with and you’ll experience your own version of fun. 2. GO TO EVENTS! GET INVOLVED!  No, not just your college or faculty sanctioned events (but try and go to those too!). One great thing about going to university is the magic of attending rad student-run parties on res. On top of having a really great time, you’ll feel like you’re a part of the res community. Like it or not, you will become a fixture!
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And if you’re not the “party” type, there are other ways to get involved! Getting involved will make you more comfortable in establishing relations with your peers. This year, I started the Trinity College Finer Things Club, and I got to bond with my friends over Space Jam while eating McDonald's Olympic boxes! Also, writing for the Varsity let me attend their many fun (and totally professional) holiday get-togethers! 3. STAY OVER! I know you’re all going to find friends; like, those attached-at-the-hip Zoey 101 type of friends. But, instead of talking about Vespas and LaSenza Girl clothing, they’ll probably be asking you if you want to stay over instead of relinquishing you to the mythical blue midnight buses. These friends will be your rocks. You’ll find solace in knowing you’ll have a place to sleep after a long night of first year shenanigans. Trust me – nothing builds camaraderie like walking around with in your pajamas with your peers at 3pm on a Sunday.
Sometimes your friends give you a whole cake to eat in the privacy of their rooms. Bad idea.
So, good luck my fellow non-res frosh! I hope to hear all your stories soon!        

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