Little Joys at U of T

There's always Joy at U of T, and like the Book of Awesome, I've compiled a list of the small joys; the little victories and successes that help us get through the day(s): On Friends When they get into ________ school, program, internship and you want to keep pressing "like". Having some friends who let you rant/de-stress/deconstruct the difficult situations (or people) that you may encounter. …and then offer the best kinds of advice (the best is when it’s what you want to hear, nothing is more joyous than gratification). When they read your mind at wanting to order Pizza Hut at 2am, and if anything, praise your approach to a healthy lifestyle. Making a friend in class or just having class with a friend. Friends who tell that person to shush at Robarts (while you were working up the nerve to say something about those potato chips and conversation for five minutes). On Campus Appreciating the busyness of Sid Smith amongst questionable newspaper publications and an endless amount of goodies and cupcakes. When ROSI is good to you...(this one speaks for itself). Having that prof, you know that prof, the one you secretly adore/idolize/kind of fangirl over; even three years later (after POL 101) when he walks past you. Majoring in something you couldn't be more excited about, without a care in the world about how obscure it is. Finding extra-curriculars that click. Free things; all of the free things! College pride, finding it and never letting it go. In Class Contributing to a class discussion and immediately noticing the impressed look your Professor gives you. Having the AHA (Ah-HAH? Ahh-haa?) moment in class. Coming to terms with a new idea during your lecture and realizing your mind has indeed, been blown. Connecting with a stranger in class, who later on becomes one of your closest friends. When someone remembers something you said in class and later comes to you to let you know how insightful they found it. Making it to your Con Hall class on time while managing not to drown in the muddy wrath in front of it from Winter-Spring. ...Getting WiFi at Con Hall!!! On Essays/Readings/Work Double spacing before your final print job. Having all of the books you need (still) available at Robarts (or better: the closest/preferable library to you). Concluding with a sentence that could inspire a screenplay, revolution (or just a grin from your esteemed professor that you pretty much idolize). Realizing the last five pages of your reading are all endnotes/references. Getting a last minute writing centre appointment shortly after getting on the wait list. Finding a study spot that is surprisingly tranquil during exam season. What are your joys at U of T? -Vahini

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