The Magic of Con Hall

Ah, another year, another frosh week! What a week it’s been, everything from getting woken up by the lovely engineers at 3am - I’m lucky enough to be next to three different colleges, so their chant was inevitably inscribed in my sleepy mind - to seeing the class of 2016 in their brightly coloured shirts excited for the adventure they are about to embark on. Indeed, Monday is coming. Yes, you heard right, Monday! While many of your peers have already felt the pain that is going back to school, for those of us at U of T, September 10 is our big day. If this is your first year at our esteeemed school, then odds are you are among the lucky few who get a class in Con Hall. Ranging from Astronomy, Biology and basically every 101 social science has to offer, Con Hall is a definitive place for the average U of T student. Most of us begin our time there, and everyone ends the journey in the same place at convocation. Beyond lectures, a lot goes on in Con Hall. My personal experiences include watching ninjas being escorted out, mind you, watching security search for them was even more entertaining. While I'm not quite sure why or what they had done, it had made for 20 minutes of great entertainment as they tried - in full gear- to blend in among the other astronomy students.  My favourite part in first year was when professors would dim the lights, and you would simply see an ocean of apples staring back at you (laptops, that is). Con Hall has also had various guest lecturers and live political acts of protest in the middle of lecture. A rather controversial banner had been dramatically flung over one of the smaller lecture screens, only to be taken down by another passionate student. This back and forth banter went on for over half an hour, and never before have I struggled so much to concentrate in a lecture. However first years, take heed! I've learned two very important lessons from all of my classes at Con Hall: 1) The very size of Con Hall is a double edged sword, it can get very distracting. In fact, the list of stories about what people have seen others doing to pass the time can go on forever, with everything from solitaire to Skype. 2) Being late for class will always be made worse by the field in front of Con Hall, the one enveloped by Kings College Circle. It's a trap during most seasons. I can't begin to count all of the times that I've tried to run through the field only to realize I was about to be ankle deep in mud. Crystal over at blogUT has got a great list of other things to expect, I'd suggest brushing up before your first class! The real beauty of this place is how great it is for bonding and especially in swapping stories. Everything from the best of friends to couples have met there, and in a place with so much size and so many people, the kind of bonding that ends up taking place is nothing short of interesting. -Vahini

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