My Graduation Bucket List

This is no ordinary list of goals for the school year…this is my GRADUATION BUCKET LIST!! My time as an undergrad is limited. I only have eight months to self-induce every possible “university experience” before I enter the realm of post-grad. I feel like I still have so much to learn, so much to do and so many people still to meet! WHERE TO START?!
  1. Give my parents a walking tour of UofT (yes, I am in fourth  year and my parents have yet to see where I go to school)
  2. Take pictures of all of your favourite spots on campus and seasonal ones of scenery for a more holistic photo album to show your grandkids
  3. Find the Inner Bamboo Garden and enter into reflective withdrawal (DONE)
  4. Make time to have lunch with EVERY one you cancelled on because of readings, extracurriculars or work (make sure to get legal sized paper for this list). (Almost done...)
  5. Find a fellow FC Barcelona fan and watch a game at Sammy’s Café dressed in red and blue
  6. Participate in a protest about something you are passionate about (Any leads?)
  7. Travel somewhere exciting during reading week with only friends from university
  8. Spice up your resume with the help of the Career Centre and update your style to get ready for your post-grad life. Check out their amazing Graduating Students Employment Service tool!
  9. Become besties with a prof (Done)
  10. Go on a U of T themed date. All those couples walking hand in hand down St.George like they got clouds for feet and rainbows for sidewalks. Obvs I’m missing out on something. Must make time in my schedule for pre-class flanter! (Done!)
  11. Go stargazing at U of T’s very own planetarium 
  12. Buy some overpriced U of T swag from the bookstore
  13. Attend a Varsity Blues Soccer game. I want to bleeed bluueee!!!
  14. Sit in a random introductory cognitive science, economics or biology lecture. I already sat in a physics lecture and let's just say that was a once in a lifetime experience. Totes PHUN. -_- (Get it?) (Done!)
  15. Have an intense philosophical debate at philosopher’s walk (What exactly is the meaning of life?) (Done!)
  16. Raise my hand and show the world my brilliance in a lecture hall without having an anxiety attack (DONE!)
  17. Figure out what you want to do in life and how you are going to actualize your vision
  18. Learn a new skill by taking a random workshop, class or lesson on campus
  19. Visit the Hart House Farm and drink some apple cider next to a bonfire
  20. Overcome my greatest fear (my fear WOULD be the fear of showing people how awesome I am)
  21. Participate in a U of T tradition (any ideas?)
  22. Get fit and leave university looking fine, fresh and fierce! (Zumba crew, UNITE)
  23. Get published
  24. Do something extremely out of character. Something so random that one day you can tell others about that one time...
Yes I do have a bunch of personal goals I need to accomplish before graduating which I cannot really blog about here! Whenever I complete a task on this bucket list I will come back and write next to it completed and will obviously tweet about! So let the GAMES begin!! And may U of T be ever in my favour! Fellow fourth years, what’s on your graduating bucket list? My list looks a little empty. And first years, what’s on your university bucket list? -Sarah

3 comments on “My Graduation Bucket List

  1. i’ve actually done sth on this list! bought a bunch of UofT stuff from the bookstore before this semester began. and boy were they overpriced! but me thinks it was worth it 🙂
    i have a question though. they telecast football at Sammy’s? i’ve been there plenty of times, but never noticed a tv! and do they just show Barca’s games or other matches too? any idea?

  2. “Find a fellow FC Barcelona fan and watch a game at Sammy’s Café dressed in red and blue”

    What? They show football games in Sammy’s? Where has this info been all my 4 years?

    Real Madrid fan here. I’ll be the one in white :p

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