I dare you to try SQUASH!!

U of T, I double dog dare you to try squash!!! My friends have been bugging me to try squash for a while now and I always used to tell them, "are you crazy, its way too intense for me." But with this whole fearless and bravery phase I'm going through, I said why the heck not. Whats the worst that can happen?! So I asked Beyonce's future personal trainer/king of the gym/fellow Community Crew member Chris if he wanted to hit up the squash courts with me! And we had the BEST WORKOUT EVER. It was so intense I can literally still feel the pain in my muscles all over. And we only played for an hour or so. It didn't even feel like a workout. It was just so fun. I think I even grew an ab. We've decided to make it a weekly ritual; I'm still trying to think of a name for our squash team.I may even fit another weekly session. Its the perfect stressbuster!

At first Chris and I were like: And then we started to get the hang of it and were all like: And now we are totally HOOKED and are turning it into a weekly workout session! I honestly still don't know much about the game, the scoring system, the rules or even the etiquette. Chris and I just made it our own and tried our best to keep the ball off the ground and bouncing off the walls. Its so basic. I think the reason it was so fun was because it didn't feel like a workout. It was spontaneous physical activity. Crazy good for cardio and calorie burning! I'm hoping to grow another ab next week to match the one I earned last week. You can rent gear (goggles, racquet, ball) from the AC for $5 (racquet/ball only), borrow a friend's kit or buy your own from a local Sportschek. You also have to book a court time through the Athletic Center staff. But other than that, its pretty low maintenance to prep for! Bring with you running shoes, gym clothes and ENERGY...lots and lots of energy! U of T, TRY SOMETHING NEW!!! -Sarah

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  1. i have never looked at a blog in my life but i must say this attracted me because im a huge squash player and seeing people trying it for the first time and getting hooked is a sigh of relieve we need more people like you guys around!! hopefully i get accepted and i can join you on the squash courts..#come at me bro lol

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the article! Hopefully I get accepted into another program at U of T next year and we can play! 🙂

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