Monday, Monday

I have a postcard stuck on my refrigerator. Surprisingly, I have no idea who sent it to me or where it came from. Yes, I know that sounds bizarre considering postcards usually make a point to express their origin story. Thanks postcard! Not that I need reminding. It's true. I hate Mondays. In fact, I think the only way Rebecca Black's song Friday could possibly be any worse is if she was singing about Monday. And if I held any power in this country, I would change Monday to Erinday and nobody would have to go to school. I especially loathe Monday mornings this semester because I have to go to the lifeatuoft blog meetings at 9 a.m. (the only time when all of the bloggers schedules do not conflict) and stay at school until 8 p.m. So, my Mondays will start with me jamming myself into the sardine tin called the TTC during rush hour and staying at school for 11 hours straight. I just reread everything I wrote and realize it doesn't sound very "upbeat", not to mention self-absorbed and spoiled. I also recognize the frightening reality I live as a student, when 9 a.m. sounds like a seriously abnormal time to make a public appearance. On a positive note, I like Monday because I know Tuesday will follow which is a day I can sleep in to whatever hour I desire and recover. I've actually met students whose strategy is to purposely jam pack as many classes as possible into one day so they can have three weekdays off, meaning, they are at school for twelve hours with very few breaks. While this can work for some, it definitely doesn't work for me. And although some students think the first week back to school is a time they can kick up their heels and just review the syllabus, I think the first week back to school is an opportune time to truly test out whether or not your schedule is working for you. In order to give myself some options with my school schedule, I like to take the first week and sit in on as many classes I am waitlisted on as possible. Check out your department's website to find out room numbers for a class you are still waiting to get into and slip into the lecture and eavesdrop. Although I admit first impressions can be totally inaccurate, I'll at least get an idea of how the professor might lecture, the syllabus and the marking breakdown that will ultimately help me decide whether the class is a good fit. A lot of people tend to drop classes after the first week, so there is still a chance you can get in and nothing is worse than starting a class already trying to catch up. I'm also thinking about ways to fill up the giant gaps I have on my Mondays, when hours will pass before I have to go to another class. Today (Monday), I had three meetings, a class and a lab. That's a lot of sitting, so I made a point to hit the gym in between meetings. I also think eating well will help me get through the day and packed a bean and tofu salad (if anyone wants the recipe, leave a comment!). I remember I was in a similar situation my first year at U of T, when I was at school from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m., and I drank copious amounts of coffee to get through the day that made me feel horrible by my evening class. I actually received a mediocre participation mark in the evening class because although I was there in body, my mind was whirling around somewhere else. I would also recommend that you listen to your internal clock. If you are lucky enough to be able to pick between morning, day or evening courses, choose the one (if you can get in it) that works when you feel most alert. If you aren't a night person, why are you in an evening class? I guarantee it will end up being the most painful lecture to sit through and you'll just want to curl up into a little ball on your warm laptop because the processor will start sounding like a cat purring you into a deep sleep. I'm really not a morning person and last year, I was in a year long course that started at 9 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Needless to say, I came to class late once a week. And although I live close to campus, I'm trying to avoid going home and napping for an hour because I like to think of myself in university, not pre-school. However, there are places you can rest on campus, like at First Nations House. If anyone has any survival tips for an extended day on campus, let me know! I'm really excited to be back and I hope to hear from readers. Also, Happy New Year, lifeatuoft! And, why not? Happy Monday, too! Erin

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  1. Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays… Also, that’s an interesting comment on places to rest on campus for commuter students. Someone should write about that –best places to nap on campus during a long school day!

  2. Hey Robyn, Do I know you from somewhere? 🙂 I’m sure there are better places to sleep on campus than Robarts. I’ll look into that! Thanks for commenting!

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