My End-of-Year Reflection

One of the best things about living is that every year is unique and has its own ups and downs.

Photo of Yashvit holding a trophy in front of a plant wall

Having recently completed my second year at the University at Toronto, I am more prepared and self-assured than before. I'm already halfway there! The value of never giving up and the significance of showing up everyday were two of the most important lessons I took away from this year. Managing all the day-to-day activities, including classes, assignments, three part-time jobs, food, sleep, and socializing with friends, wasn't easy, but it wasn't difficult either. For me, each day is like starting over; it's a blank slate on which I may create my own tale.

Photo of Yashvit speaking on a panel

Do I usually start to give up when faced with a particularly difficult assignment? No, because for me, my final grade is a reflection of the prize I've earned via my efforts. In the same manner, this past year, I've made it a point to set attainable goals and provide a reward at the end of every task I've worked on. That way, I can relax and enjoy the fruits of my hard work. My time management skills and determination have been greatly enhanced by my undergraduate studies in the STEM fields, such as Mathematics and Statistics.

Let me also share with you the ways in which my increased self-control and contentment have resulted from simply turning up every day. I used to make up reasons to skip class, workouts, and other commitments so I could get that additional fifteen minutes of sleep—which, by the way, is never fifteen. I made a conscious decision to push myself to my limits and show up to everything, every day. If I can train your mind to believe that something is possible, I can make it happen.

Photo of Yashvit working out

That will do for now, just a few concise thoughts on my year-end reflection. It goes without saying, but you should always be proud of yourself. Prioritizing self-care is absolutely essential!

– Yashvit