Fall Campus Day

Fall Campus Day 2023

Yashvit and Selina were actively involved with Fall Campus Day this year. While Yashvit served as a Student Ambassador working closely with University College, Selina volunteered to be a Tour Guide for the day, showing prospective students and their parents around on campus. Here's a little about their experiences:

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Yashvit: "I feel thrilled to have had the incredible opportunity to serve as a Student Ambassador during Fall Campus Day at the University of Toronto on November 18th, 2023! As a representative of University College, it was an honour to share my unique student experiences and provide insights to prospective students and their parents.

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Engaging with the vibrant community at University College has been an enriching journey, and I am grateful for the chance to connect with bright minds and curious hearts. As a Student Ambassador, I had the privilege of answering a number of questions, helping future students navigate their academic journey, and showcasing the exceptional opportunities that University College has to offer. To all the prospective students and parents I had the pleasure of connecting with, I'm excited about the possibility of seeing you on campus soon!"

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Selina: "I've always wanted to be a Tour Guide, which is why I signed up to volunteer for Fall Campus Day! U of T Tour Guides work throughout the whole year, which unfortunately couldn't work with my already-packed schedule. Luckily, participating in Fall Campus Day was a great one-time experience that introduced me to the work that the Tour Guides do.

Photo of a student tour guide standing in front of a double-decker sightseeing bus

By far the best part of my day was at the end. The last tour bus was scheduled to leave by 3:00pm. It was 2:55 and the last bus was fully packed and had just departed, but there was still a crowd of 70+ people who had been waiting in line to catch the bus. The last tour bus arrived at 2:57, and I asked my supervisor if it would be possible to fit all these people in one last bus. It wasn't 3:00pm yet, and I wanted to see if there was any way that the last group of people could get on a tour. After a few phone calls back and forth, we were able to make it happen! We were able to successfully get everyone on a tour bus before the day ended. It was stressful, but it was also super satisfying to see everything come together in the end.

All in all, I'm so glad I could help out during Fall Campus Day! If you're interested in being a Tour Guide or working with the Department of Recruitment, I recommend participating in Fall Campus Day to get a taste of the work they do."

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