#JoyatUofT: Being part of a dance club

It’s Joy Week here at U of T and I’m always looking for an excuse to write about dance, so this week I’m sharing why being part of a dance club brings me joy! Joy Week is about spreading positivity and reminding ourselves to be grateful for the small joys we do have. 

olive dancing.
olive dancing.

Like everything else this year, the U of T dance club that I am a part of (the Only Human Dance Club) has shifted to online lessons. We meet for weekly Zoom sessions and at the end of the semester we’re planning to compile videos of everyone so that we can have a virtual show. 

It’s been difficult learning dances through a screen--I’ve noticed that not being able to see the choreographer in the same spacial area has affected my ability to memorize the piece. However, I’m still having fun and that’s what matters. Every Saturday, and a few weekday evenings, I monopolise the living room to dance around in.

olive dancing.
olive dancing.

Being part of the dance club brings me joy for a few reasons:

1. I get to try new styles of dance.

  • This year I started learning highland (which I’m not the best at, but when else would I get the opportunity to try it?!)

2. The people.

  • I get to socialize with people and talk about dance.

3. Exercise and mindset.

  • Moving around and exercising helps to re-energize me, it stimulates my brain, and it’s a time when I completely stop worrying about school because I am distracted. Dancing in general also just makes me happy.

4. I get to see other people dance my choreography!

  • I also choreograph and film tutorials--another thing that brings me joy is watching my dancers execute the choreography I came up with, they bring it to life. Watching the videos they send to me always makes me smile. 

Being part of the dance club has been one of my favourite experiences at U of T, and I’m so glad that we’ve transitioned online so that I’m still able to dance around from home. 

two ancient dancers/female athletes on a postcard.

Happy Joy Week! What is something that brings you joy? 

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